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  1. I had to have a lift as well with dr Piyapas 3 years ago and ended up going with his recommendations. They can do an internal lift sometimes but it depends how saggy your boobs are. why don't u ring my body and spirit for some help if u want to go overseas to have it done and get them to do a couple of assessments for u from different surgeons. I did this and compared a surgeon in Bangkok and Phuket before I made my decision.
  2. I know you can have them done in Thailand if u are 18yrs old. One of your parents just has to sign the consent form before u go. we had a 19yr old on my escorted group with my body and spirit. she was so happy with the results.
  3. I went through my body and spirit in Noosa and had dr Piyapas at Bangkok Phuket hospital for breast surgery. Everything went well. Dr Piyapas delightful. Couldn't have asked for any thing more from My Body and Spirit. Went on escorted group and was fantastic.
  4. I booked with My Body and Spirit in Noosa. They were fabulous. They are a fully licensed travel agent as well so can book the travel and medical. They can book either Phuket or Bangkok. They gave me recommendations for specific surgeons. I've had Dr Greenchart in Bangkok and Dr Piyapas in Phuket.
  5. I had a breast lift done in Phuket at Bangkok Phuket hospital and then the next year went to Bangkok for breast implants. I would recommend overseas as so much cheaper and hospital staff are amazing. I booked with My Body and Spirit at Noosa and they were terrific. No complaints at either hospital. Bangkok was a bit cheaper than Phuket but the hospital in Phuket was a bit nicer. surgery all good.
  6. I had breast implants at Yanhee and was really happy with the results. The hospital is not as flash as others but I had great results and that is what counts. I booked thru an agency, My Body and Spirit and everything worked out well. Been with them a few times before for plastic surgery and dental.
  7. I had a breast lift at Bangkok Phuket hospital with dr Piyapas. Booked thru My Body and Spirit but I know they book PIAC doctors as well. They were great to deal with and really caring.
  8. I also went on an escorted tour to Phuket to have my boobs done and went with My Body and Spirit. They were excellent. My implants were round but they offered teardrops as well.
  9. I've had breast surgery in Phuket and went on an escorted group with My Body and Spirit and everybody on the group was having medical treatment. was a great way to go.
  10. It sounded really bad with the South American surgeon and I can't believe that u had to prepay a deposit. I have had breast surgery in both Bangkok and Phuket and u only pay when u get there after you've had your consultation, booked it through My Body and Spirit in Noosa and was extremely happy with both ops. So much cheaper than Australia.
  11. I had a breast lift at Bangkok Phuket hospital and booked with My Body and Spirit in Noosa. Had Dr Piyapas who was great. I highly recommend going with My Body and Spirit - they were great and I felt more comfortable booking through an agent in case there were complications and I had them as back up.
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