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  1. I know some people may raise some eyebrows, but I think my rhinoplasty is the best decision I did for my wavering self esteem. I always hated the way my nose looks, and I have grown to be very conscious about it. Facing the mirror is a stark reminder of this problem, and guess what, I have to face it daily. I was very hesitant at first because needles and scalpels scare me. But after reading about this procedure and doing the research needed, I've come to decide that this is definitely what I need if I want to overcome this aesthetic problem. I had my procedure done at advance cosmetic studio under doc andrew kim. I went through 4 consults from four different surgeons (yes i was that dedicated in getting a sure treatment - which I think everyone should do), and I finally decided to go with doc kim after more than a month of deliberations. I decided to go with him because it was him who gave me the treatment plan which I see to be in line with the goal i aim to achieve. I had my surgery done on the last week of july. I am still a bit swollen, but I am starting to see the change. The bump in my nose was made smoother, and he gave it a bit more length. I like the fact that my nose doesn't look made up, but natural-looking. This has always been my concern because I don't want it to look obvious. So far, there are no complications, and my healing is progressing as expected. I am sharing my story because I want others, who like me, are looking for a way out of any imperfections they see on their faces or any part of their body. For me, having prepared enough and giving it my all when it comes to asking questions and researching has allowed me to get the results I am looking for. I hope this helps. I know there are a lot of botched stories out there, but I think having the right info, coupled with realistic expectations helps you get desirable results.
  2. I had three consultations with three different docs. by far doc andrew kim from advance gave me the most honest opinion which was in tune with my goals. It was a scary process, mostly lined with doubts, but I would say that when you find a surgeon who you are comfortable with you will know it.
  3. Dr. andrew kim of advance is a good bet. he offers a free and honest consultation. I would suggest that you check him out.
  4. Finally had my surgery done! I'm actually happy with my results although i known i have yet to achieve that state where the swelling have fully subsided. Fortunately the healing is going quite well. My lids feel a bit tighter, and the pain is very manageable. I know I"ve made a good decision.
  5. May I ask how approximately how much you paid for your procedure? I am planning on having mine done. It would be helpful to know even just a rough estimate. thanks!
  6. Im just curious, does the results help widen the eyes somehow?
  7. I am finally having my surgery in a week with dr andrew kim of advance. I am prepared mentally, but is there any other thing that I should know when it comes to post-operative care?
  8. I am happy that you're finally getting what you have been preparing for. I booked by surgery a month from now. I hope you can share your experience with dr kim and how your results turned out.
  9. how did your consult go? I actually learned a lot about my options as dr kim explained it to me in detail. After what has been discussed, I put him on top of my list when it comes to rhinoplasty. I'm also looking into other surgeons as well. Are you also meeting other surgeons?
  10. has anyone here heard of dr andrew kim? i hear he also practices in melbourne. I would like to know if he is a good choice for an ethnic rhinoplasty? If not dr kim, can you recommend me any reputable surgeon who may be experienced in this procedure?
  11. Thanks! i needed that because I have been having second thoughts because I also don't want to come out with people thinking that i am condemning my ancestry. I love my eyes, but they often send out the wrong message everytime.they make me look tired and disinterested. I just want some tweaking to improve them. Im having my eyelid surgery done with dr andrew kim of advance cosmetic. I chose him specifically because based on what I heard and what I've read, he is specialized in performing asian eyelid surgery. I really want someone who gets the asian profile but most importantly someone who knows how this can be improved. I am happy and I am ready with my decision. and thanks for your encouragement!
  12. Yes, Im asian. I did ask around and I learned that he has earned quite a reputation in the cosmetic surgery industry particularly on nose jobs and eyelid surgery. what impressed me particularly, and also the reason why he ultimately became my choice for my surgery is the fact that he is able to perform an asian eyelid surgery. I really don't want to lose my asian profile but just enhance my eyes. They just look tired all the time with my upper eyelids looking significantly droopy. I found his official website, you might want to check that out advancecosmetic.com they'v got good info there. Got a consult with doc kim and i am finally scheduled for surgery a month and a half from now!
  13. Do you think a double eyelid surgery would be like turning away from my heritage? Just curious because I find my eyelids too heavily hooded that I look really tired. Just want to hear your thoughts.
  14. hi! can you tell me more about dr andrew kim? I've been searching for more info on him.
  15. I have been reading through the posts, and i also did some research for quite some time now since I have been considering getting a double eyelid surgery. I am one who likes to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Of course since this is surgery, I don't want to cut corner which is why I am taking my time in searching for a reliable surgeon who to do the job. I've come across several names, but one that I am interested in is this certain Dr. Andrew Kim of advance cosmetic. i learned through their website that he is certified in sydney and melbourne, which is a plus for my part. However, I would like to know if anyone here is familiar with him? I want to know more details, his style, his quality of work, or how much his rate is, etc. There is good info about him on their site, but i want raw details from those who have had an experience with him, or just any info. any info would be very much appreciated.
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