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    Mentor Anatomical Implants
    395cc Tall height, moderate plus
    12.5cm wide / 13cm high / 5.3cm projection
    Dual plane
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    Dr Tavakoli - June 24th 2015
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    177cm tall, 58kg, was a deflated C... currently wearing a 12DD/10E at 5 weeks.

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  1. I'm in 10E's and have found Bendon's online store awesome, they have heaps of sales, 100 day free returns and you can shop by size. I went out to their store at Harbour Town and there is hardly any 10E's on the rack so the site is great... Apart from that, Bra's n Thing's always have lots of 10E's..
  2. I'm a big Bikram fan, and 3 months post-op. I haven't returned to Bikram yet, but I'm looking forward to it.. I'm worried about lying on my stomach as there is about 15 - 20 mins of that in the sequence. If you're happy to sit that out, you should be fine.. just listen to your body, and tell the teacher about your BA. Bikram teachers tend to be all about pushing you beyond your limits, so let them know your limits are there for a reason! x
  3. Bikram Yoga and Body Pump will do the trick... I've only been back to fitness for a few weeks and only been doing lightish weights in Body Pump but slowly increasing and seeing results already... Body Pump is good cuz you can really load up the legs and keep chest/biceps light while recovering from a BA. I sit out all the push ups, which is great ha ha as I hate them anyway! Haven't gone back to Bikram yet, as am avoiding lying on my tummy and there's a good chunk of Bikram that does this..
  4. I am 8 weeks post-op and was wearing a 12DD/10E up until about a week or so ago. I was praying for some 'fluffing' and it seems to have happened as am now in a 12E/10F :))) Praying I don't go back down as was starting to suffer really bad boob greed... Loving them now! I went 395cc modplus. Was a very sad and deflated 12C/10D pre-op!
  5. Hello! I am very close to your stats w/ broad shoulders. My profile has all the details about what I went with, although to start I was a deflated C after breastfeeding/weightloss/gravity so different to you, and anatomicals were the only option.. If you want to check out my pics though, feel free to ask, they are set to 'invite only' Good luck x
  6. Following, as I'm also waiting & praying for some more fluffing!
  7. Thanks Pink Butterfly, hope the fluffing continues for me too - how evil is boob greed, didn't expect it to get me! x Thanks Nat, my upper pole dropped quite quickly too and the shape of mine has been great since early on... hence why I think maybe I'm done and may not experience any more fluffing... oh well, I'm happy with them.. probably time to move on ha ha x
  8. Hi Girls, I'm now 7 weeks post-op. I had 395cc anatomical under the muscle w/ a very high dual plane. I was borderline lift, but avoided it which I'm grateful for I dropped very quickly, which saw me in an underwire bra from 2 weeks post-op. I believe this happens when you have a lot of skin to fill, but I'm wondering if I can expect any further fluffing? I read that fluffing usually happens around this time, but I don't know if this applies to me due to being saggy before my BA? I'm happy with my size, it suits my frame and looks natural (exactly what I asked for)... however I would LOVE som
  9. ha ha... ooops!!! We had sex the first day, and every day after that, but as gently as possible with much care taken of the new girls Rough sex not until about 4 weeks... good luck keeping hubby off them, mine went crazy for them and still does... first things he reaches for every morning h aha...
  10. I have similar stats.. 175cm tall, 60kg... was a deflated C before surgery. I was also worried about going too big, and had 4 consultations. Finally settled with Dr Tavakoli and went 395cc anatomicals... Really happy with the size, they look very natural and like my old boobs.. I'm wearing a 12DD at the moment but look like a full C to small D I think.. I measure about 90 - 92 around the bust... the larger cup size is due to implants having a wide base.. but yeah visually, I do NOT look like a DD.. I didn't want to over-inflate and deal with more sag down the road. The aim was to restore what
  11. Liss

    June 2015

    Hi June Ladies, How is everyone going with their new assets? Anyone else in an underwire bra already? Been sized? I've been in an underwire bra since last week when the nurse at my 2 week post-op told me to. I was obviously still swollen though as I came back from the shops with 12E's / 10F's... and within days shrunk down and am now in a 12DD.. I really hope I don't shrink more!! Hoping for the magical fluffing... I'm pretty well dropped I think... How long after the drop, does the fluff come? Does anyone know? x
  12. Hello! I think it's due to complications, such as increased risk of hematoma, seroma's etc... So, it creates a higher risk of the surgery having not only a successful outcome in the short term, but also in how well you heal... I know it's hard, but try to at least cut down... just think about how you'd feel if you spent all this time and money and the smoking created complications...
  13. I was a deflated C. Had 395cc teardrops, dual plane... I'm 3 weeks post-op and have dropped now (seems to happen quicker when you've been big before)... and am wearing a 12DD... was a 12E last week but the swelling has gone down.. Hope I don't get smaller.. hoping to fluff out some more
  14. Hi Ladies, anyone else have irritation from the tape over the incision? My 1 week post op was Wednesday and I was so glad as the tape was feeling like it was ripping and tearing by then.. I thought it was my incisions but they are healing fine, it's where the tape was in contact with my skin. 2 days after removing the tape, I have a red rash where the tape was... I'm now in underwire bras and anything touching the rash is very painful.. my boobs are fine, but this rash is doing my head in... hopefully it will go away soon, now that I'm only using the silicon gel... just wondering if anyone els
  15. Good to know this is normal, mine are evening out now at just over 2 weeks.. I think I dropped quickly due to having so much excess skin from breastfeeding but I experienced this exact same thing when taking pics of my boobs and was stressing.. but they change every day!
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