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  1. I had the same experience with so much side boob I couldn't comfortably rest my arms by my sides without feeling them lol! It took about 6 months but now they are great. I went from a 10b to 10E and they don't look to big at all now. Give it some time to get used too 😊
  2. Very happy with 540cc on my 175cm 65kg frame. They balance me out well. Wouldn't change my choice at all 😊
  3. All healed & loving them 540cc under the muscle. Not to big at all!
  4. Hi myranda, I'm now day 29 & tho it has been really painful recovery I am Sooooo glad I've done it! i can look in the mirror now and feel feminine & pretty down there. ive posted some private pictures so friend request if u want to have a look at the process so far. ps it's pretty graphic tho 😁
  5. Don't panic till u see the PS, it's probably totally normal for them to drop at different rates! I got my strips off yesterday and now I reakon they look square at the bottom & bottoming out. I see ps tomorrow too. guess I'm reassuring us both here that it's a ongoing and variable process so try not to stress to much to soon 😅😄
  6. I've had labiaplasty approx 3 weeks. Ago along with a BA. Done by Dr Ahn In Perth! Still healing, takes a lot longer than the BA but super happy with results! Has improved my self esteem immensely! PM me if u want pictures or more info for private research only!
  7. Omg girls! How do u relieve back pain (like btw the shoulders) without busting your stitches? I so need to crack my back lol not used to the extra weight in front. 😊
  8. I'm having trouble uploading too! if anyone can help pls advise
  9. I agree, your shoulders are slightly uneven in first pic. they look great tho, the size difference is minimal & prob much more noticeable to u. Give them some more time..hope mine look as good as that when they settle down 😊
  10. Good to hear the crisis is averted 😉 And your happier! i sooo can't wait to sleep on my side too! I keep catching myself trying to do this but my mountain of pillows makes it impossible 😋 Hey if u do look at my pics can u let me know if u can see them, I've been having trouble finding them myself tho they say they are uploading? Cheers!
  11. Wow @Jade01 that's a big reduction. What size were you hoping to end up with? im really confused about the d&f process! Mine are definitely getting softer & dropping a bit but I don't want them to get any smaller! Do they usually get smaller once they settle down? I understand swelling but I just thought they weren't as tight and high...but still as big. Oh no... Not boob envy whispers in my background! Hey Jade I'm sure yours look great tho. Are we friends? I'll check & ask if not take it easy 😊
  12. Omg, I'm really sorry your in this position! I don't have any advice just a bit of emotional support to say it's very crappy* that you have been put in this position! 😘
  13. Totally agree there is a line! I've been getting fillers since 27 for a skin cancer scar & Botox on my frown lines...basically so my daughter stops asking if I'm ok! I have very strong frown muscles...but a very happy easy going person! Who needs to know I've done either of these to let the inner me b seen on the outside!. those lips tho are omg.. Not good 😋
  14. Lol u look great! Very natural The quality is really good too! I went a little crazy the prices are so good n got delivery within 4 days! Oh lol @Noobie b funny if we pick similar styles 😋
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