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  1. Hi Iwiz, I have swelling on one side only too. My surgeon said it was ok and I Have a follow up appointment on Thursday week .....but, It seriously is stuffing up enjoying my new boobies lol I will try to add a pic I had hubby take today of my new girls filling out my bikini top. Karma xx
  2. Awesome .... Thanks for posting the pics Mrs I'm 5 days post op and my patience level is zero lol I also have more swelling on my left side which is driving me nuts. Looking forward to d & f Karma xx
  3. Hi Ladies just to update... My doctor came to see me last night at my hotel (which I think is super awesome). The swelling had gone down considerably and he said everything looked ok now but if I had any dramas not to hesitate to call which was really, really comforting. I got to see my new girls for the first time and 'Damn theyre big (awesome) but really high and out there so I'm really looking forward to them settling. I thought I would be ok because I usually have a high pain threshold but all I can say is take you're meds ladies.... all of them lol karma xx
  4. Hi Moz I had surgery yesterday. Not a great start to new boobs! The doc is coming to see me in my hotel this afternoon and my swelling is going down considerably so I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that it doesn't need to be drained and it will rectify itself with plenty of rest and positive thought, Damn honeybee you're not having a good run at getting your boobies. Sending positive thoughts your way too! Karma xx
  5. Sitting on the bed this morning blood started dripping on my arm and dressing gown and I thought "hold up I don't usually get nose bleeds". The blood was coming from my left incision site (EEEK!). rang my surgeon and he said to apply pressure for 10 minutes and to call back if it didn't resolve in another 10 minutes. Thankfully it did! Now my left breast is swollen to twice the size almost of my right and the surgeon has just rung and said that it may be bleeding around my implant that needs to be drained. My right breast feels awesome and my left feels like someone stuck a bowling ball on the front of me ...it's so tight. Karma xx
  6. Hi ladies, I put off having my surgery for years because when we had the money I thought it was better spent on other things. You know when the time is right for you. I had my surgery yesterday and I'm feeling awesome. Staying in a lush hotel and waiting for my hubby to come down this afternoon so I can take off my compression garment and have a peek! I slept ok last night - propped myself up and placed a big pillow under each arm so I couldn't roll over. Pain was manageable yesterday but this morning my ribcage near the incision sites are aching (crease incision). Goodluck ladies!
  7. Hi ladies, Congratulations to those with brand new boobies and goodluck to those getting them this month. I am 5 sleeps away (I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas lol) from my surgery. I paid for my implants and my compression bras today! It's all seeming so much more real now. I went for my final consult with my surgeon yesterday evening and picked sizes - I have asked for 500cc UHP Natrelles but he isn't sure that he can fit them in (dependant on skin stretching) so he will try sizers in first and have 450cc UHP Natrelles on hand in case. (Fingers crossed on the 500's). I'm currently a C cup and was given sizers that were equivalent to 380cc to take home and try - I thought they were too small lol. I have major boobie greed and I haven't come this far and waited this long to have implants and wish I went bigger!! I'm so excited I could squeal! It's really great reading everyones posts. Karma xxx
  8. Hi Ladies, I'm booked in for my second consult on the 1st of July and my surgery on the 7th of july, which is 27days away YAY! I'm 34, 5"5, 69kilos and currently a 14C ...I'm looking at getting around 500cc's - Having my surgery done by Dr Michael Thomson in Launceston Tas - he has a really good name is plastic and reconstructive surgery so fingers crossed. He gave me 400cc sizers to bring home and try for a few days and it felt awesome to go out with them in lol My daughter thinks I'm nuts haha But I didn't think they were big enough so I'm looking forward to the second consult and finding out exactly what we're putting in - I do know I'm having overs because I have enough breast tissue and the Doc convinced me that the faster recovery from not messin with my muscle was worth it. Good luck! xx
  9. Hi ladies, I'm so excited I could squeal like a little kid haha This afternoon I booked my 2nd consult with my chosen surgeon for the 1st of July - and my surgery for the 7th of July! I'll be going into the consult with the question of how big can we go to and then deciding lol I want big!! The sizers he lent me aren't big enough! So excited - Just had to share xx Karma
  10. Sending you calming, happy thoughts! Happy Boob day for tomorrow! xx
  11. Thanks very much for the replies ....they have eased my mind with my decision to go big! Boob greed is kicking in big time.... I'm going to book my surgery in a fortnight and will let you all know what size I choose after my next consult. xx
  12. Hi, I've just had my first consult - last week. I went in and listened and just had a chat about what I wanted. I'm now compiling a list of questions to go back to him if something wasn't covered to make sure we're on the same page about my boobs lol. He covered a lot - and it was a lot to take in. Good luck with your 1st xx
  13. Hi Girls, I'm new here. Went for my first consult last week - super excited! and super comfortable with the surgeon I chose! I'm 70kgs, 5"5 (short), I have broad shoulders and chest, BW 12.5 and I'm currently a 14DD or 16D, I've breastfed 3 kids and my boobies look deflated to me but hubby and the doc recon theyre holding up well haha - my areola is still above my breast crease. I'm wanting at least 500cc's (I was thinking more like 600cc's) - the doc gave me 385cc sizers (size 4) sizers to wear for a few days - he says he's happy to give me larger but, he's scared me a little about the weight of going big! I don't think the sizers look big enough AT ALL! And I know that if I go that small I won't be happy - the more piccies of large boobs I see - the more my boobie greed kicks in - I'm 34 and I've wanted big implants since I was 15! My question is to the girls that have had the bigger implants how do you find the weight of them? Can you have a lot of time bra free? (I'm thinking of going back into stripping - I've got no cellulite or stretchmarks yay!) Also my surgeon said that he wants to go over the muscle - opinions on whether that's a good idea with a large implant would be great too?? I have spent a lot of time on here reading as much as I can - thanks heaps to all the ladies willing to share their stories - it helps heaps! xx Karma Have just figured out that my boobs have shrunk from working out heaps - I'm now a 14C - Bring on big boobs!!
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