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  1. My husband and I are staying at Meriton also for 3 nights after op :-)
  2. Candy red I will be back at Tci for my post op check on 9th before going home so our paths may cross!!
  3. I'm from port macquarie driving down and staying at Meriton. Consult on wed 6th and op on the 7th and staying til 9th. Yeah rosierose I have done the Google and blog freak out from some posts I have read but have decided not to take it all in and let it put me off. There is risk with everything so as long as we have done everything to minimise the risks then I'm ok with it.
  4. I have a friend I go with so it makes me not let her down and we make a time and stick to it. I have better weeks then others with training but Its now my hobby and I enjoy it so it's not a task to do its just part of my day. Rarely motivated at 4.30 in the morn but I know once I have finished the workout my day starts and feels better.
  5. Im not sure if it will help, but i guess the healthier you are certainly cant hurt!! I do bootcamp twice a week, 3 sessions one on one with a trainer and a spin and a metafit class in a week generally. Yes 4.30 is the only time i can fit it in around kids, husband, work and after school activities!!!! I generally train at 5am but takes me tie to get up and get there!! I cant wait for May. It cant come soon enough
  6. I'm trying to get as fit as possible. I'm addicted to training now so not exercising will be really hard. On the plus side I won't have to get up at 4.30 every morning but I think I will end up just having to walk every day to something and keep my food in check!!
  7. I'm going to TCI which is where I was offered it. It's $490 but I think it only covers the first 12 mths. Not totally sure though as I haven't read everything about it yet.
  8. I got a thorough list for pre and post op with all my paperwork from TCI. I can email it to you if you like. I was told also the tata tamer by lululemon was fantastic. I am currently 72kg 170cm so i am at the gym almost every day. Have been for the past year but want to get down to atleast 68Kg by operation. Yeah im thinking i might get the cc garantee just to be safe. Im staying at the Meriton Serviced Apartments in Bondi from the wednesday until the Sunday. Im from port maquarie so syd is a few hrs away so having consult on the 6th and op on the 7th. Nervous but excited.
  9. Woo hoo.... i just read so many forum posts and my head is spinning with all the info. No more googling for me!!! I have fully paid for mine and have my countdown on the fridge!! Are you getting the capsluar contracture garantee? Im not sure if i should just to be safe or not?
  10. Did anyone get the cc insurance/garantee that TCI offer?
  11. Hi, Did you pay for the extra cc garentee when you had your op? I'm booked in for may and wondering if I should get the extra cover or not. wondering how common it is??
  12. I was told I had excess breast tissue pre op and that my breasts would end up most likely a E or bigger after surgery. Has anyone else been told this and outcomes? I'm getting more nervous the more I read all these forums
  13. Hi, I like to exercise 6 days a week pre op and I'm wondering how long everyone waited post op before getting back into the gym?
  14. 7th BA Dr Nguyen
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