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    260 cc round silicone implant above the muscle. December 2009.
    Rhinoplasty. Dr. Montein. Bangkok April 2015
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    March or April 2015.
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  1. It's almost been one year since surgery, hump reappeared shortly after surgery.. revision back home will cost me 249 013 THB… I want to cry a river right now. Revision with dr Montein will cost me between 50 - 100k THB depending on whether the rasping can be done local or has to be done under general anesthesia. The surgery was not one cent cheaper in bangkok than in Norway, the only difference is that if I had done it back home I would have gotten the revision for free! So disappointed right now. I really took for granted that all surgeons did revision for free, after all the results lay in their hands. My surgeon back home also questioned why my rhino was done open, he felt it was very unnecessary and caused a lot more trauma to my nose and tip than what would have been if I had done it closed. I will wait until it's been 2 years, then make a decision. Either way I can't afford nor take time off work this year. The nose is straighter/not deviated to the right, the hump is slightly smaller but I definitely miss my old tip. It's hard to justify 160 000 THB right now, I really hope the appearance improves during the upcoming year.
  2. I'm alright! The hump has not gotten any more prominent. The tip changes every day, some days I feel that it's less swollen, other days it looks bigger and I leave fingerprints on my nose when I push it. I'm at month 3 on the 1th of July, but he told me to be patient. The tip could take anything from 6-12 months, he also had patients that saw the final result after 2 years(!). So I try not to think to much about it, it's not very noticeable. Noone has commented on the nose either, so the change must be very subtle:P Maybe a little too subtle I think.
  3. Hi! I've skipped the threadlift, I don't think it's safe.. I've tried raising my eyebrows with botox, but it only elevates them about 3mm, I see a difference but it's very small and expensive as well. I would like to do a endoscopic brow lift in Asia next year, but I would like to find real experiences from real people. If anyone has done a facelift, browlift or forhead lift using the endoscopic method I'm very interested in hearing your experiences. A coronal forhead lift is not an option since I'm still very young. In advance, thank you!
  4. Thanks everyone! About the anesthesiologist. I overheard a Australian girl at the office/waiting room crying because she claimed that she had woken up during surgery and had great pain. I think she travelled in some sort of breast argumentation support group, I'm not sure if it was Destination Beauty. It was difficult for me to know if this was something she had experienced in the past or if this was something that has happened on this trip, but it really made me feel uncomfortable about it all. I just thought I should mention it, in case other have had weird experiences too. I feel that she was not taken serious and was shushed down to not worry the others. I really hope she is okay. I have talked to dr montein : "As I did not break your bone, it should not be compressible. Massage or pressure can affect only the scar and the skin. But this could help about the hump. Please try the massage for at least six months." he also added that the columella is a bit wide and that it will go thinner with massage, that wil also effect my nostrils. So I'll just press and pull my nose like I have an obsessive compulsive dissorder for another 5 months haha:P I'm really glad my nose is not deviated anymore and my breathing has actually improved!
  5. Yeah I have decided to skip it , everything I read was negative or didn't meet the expectations of the patient..
  6. Hi everyone! Here is my rhinoplasty experience so far. English is not my native language so behold some errors:P Cash/ Payment: I was told everything was going to cost between 130 000 – 150 000 THB. It ended up costing me 153 110 THB (Medical package 149 000,- Consultation 1000,- Medication 1000,- Operating room medical equipment 2000,- Standard inpatient foods 110,-), Unfortunately I was not aware that visa charged a 3% for the transfer and the total for me came up to 160 000 THB in the end. That's the same amount my surgeon in my home country (NO) charged me. So I had no savings. Luckily I didn't choose Thailand only to save money, but because I don't have any other time a year were I could take this much time off work and that dr. Montein seem like a far more experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. Consultation & Expectations: We agreed on the outcome. I made it very clear to Dr Montein that I didn't want a very small cute nose, not bulbous, not pointing upwards, no slope, not making it narrower. I had a hump on my nose, slightly deviated to the right with thin asymmetrical nostrils that closed when I inhaled too harshly. I wanted the hump removed, a straight bridge, more symmetrical, less projected and pointy with rounder nostrils. Dr. Montein was straight forward, honest, shared his opinion and were polite. We had different beauty ideals but dr. Montein still respected my wishes and carried them out. I had not booked the surgery since I wanted to wait after the consultation to make a decision, because of this I had to wait several days before doing the surgery. I traveled out of Bangkok and returned one week later to not waste time in the city. Hospital/ Accommodations: I stayed at Samitivej Sukhumvit hospital. Wow.. The hospitals back home doesn’t even come close. Huge bed, a sofa for my boyfriend to sleep on. Kitchen, Huge tv, iphone control for curtains and equipment. You don't even have to wipe your own ass. It was all too much! ..in a good way. Surgery Day: I went in for surgery at 13:00, I was in surgery for at 3-4 hours. I've had breast argumentation in the past back home, so I didn't feel stressed about the anesthesia. When I had the surgery back home I got into the surgery room, everyone had their focus on me and introduced themselves, before they asked me to count to 3, and before I got that far I was asleep. This was different. Everyone were polite and introduced themselves, but I laid on the table for awhile which made me nervous with everyone running around, setting up. When the man responsible for the anesthesia put my mask on he didn't say anything, so I just tried to relax and take deep breaths. I remember freaking out a little when it felt like I was suffocating. He then held the mask tighter to my face and hands on my throat while talking with this other guy like I wasn't even there. It was not a very pleasant way getting into anesthesia. It was probably quick, but in my state it felt like minutes. I woke up at the recovery room. I didn't feel my nose much but my throat was very soar. My nose were clogged and I had difficulty breathing. I was still sleepy from the surgery and the drugs but I tried making sounds to signal that I had problems, but this American guy from the other side of the curtain screaming “could I get some water please!” stole all the attention. Again, the feeling of not being seen as an individual but just a thing in line to be fixed struck me. I do understand why someone feel like they are in a plastic surgery factory when travelling to Thailand. I got some sort of lubricant down my throat and it got better after that. I got rolled into my room and I pretty much went in and out of sleep for the rest of the evening. Post Op – Day 1: I didn't sleep much the first night, 30 minutes on and off all night, plus that the nurses was checking up on me every 2 hours, taking my blood pressure and so on. My right nostril were leaking drops of blood constantly. I filled an entire trash-bin with tissues that night, there were blood on my pillow and everything. I spent the day in bed, watching apple tv, sleeping, chewing food I could not taste since my nostrils were all clogged and my taste buds were completely gone. In the morning all of the sudden the whole crew came in, it was like ten(!) nurses and me and my boyfriend looked very surprised at each other. They emptied out trash and did the regular check up before leaving. Suddenly dr. Montein was there. He removed the packaging and cleansed my nostrils. He said everything went as planned. And he did not have to break the bone! ) Which meant that I now was on the peak of my swelling already. I started getting dark red under my eyes that day and puffy. I was really swollen between the eyes. If you painted me blue I would fit right into Avatar. But I felt fine. No pain what so ever. Being hooked to the machine, constrained in bed with clogged nostrils not being able to taste anything was really the only annoying thing. Pain was never really an issue. I started bleeding quite heavy from my left nostril while removing the packaging, so dr. Montein had to come back later to do the cleaning. But it was fine. Post Op – Day 2: Slept good that night. Woke up during blood pressure test. Didn't bleed much, mostly saltwater running from all the cleansing. We packed our stuff and checked out from the hospital at 12. The crew came and took all our bags and called us a taxi. The drive was kind of hard, a lot of traffic and warm. I ate out for the first time. But didn't taste much. I got a nostril spray with the nurses. After the second use My nostrils started to clear! The swelling from my eyes has sunken down to my cheeks. Still dark under the eyes. We went out in Bangkok to eat in the evening. Supposed to be a short trip but we were out in the streets for more than 3 hours. Came back to the hotel room and had a mini-breakdown because I was so exhausted and felt so inadequate. I haven't felt any pain after surgery, just clogged and drained. But I'm pretty sure I still had a massive amount of drugs in my system. I didn't want to be a burden and wanted my boyfriend to have a good time after all that time in hospital. (Silly when I think about it now..) Post Op Day 3: Slept for 10 hours! Finally some alone-time and privacy. Swelling only at the lower part of my face. The dark shade under my eyes have turned yellow. I haven't even used ice packs that much and feel super happy! I LOVE the shape of the nose, can't wait to get the cast off! And of course it will be smaller when the swelling goes down, but just how much smaller I don't really know. I'm so curious! Just happy today. I'm respecting myself and treating myself like a sick person. Like I should have done in the first place. Just hanging in my room with aircon and a fridge full of drinks and snacks. My nostrils feels almost normal now. Been really strict with the cleansing. On the second cleans of the day, something came off and I started bleeding. Luckily it stopped after some cold icepacks and paper towels. Was out a lot in the evening. Still feeling tired and drained with a short temper:P Post Op Day 4: Feeling good! Light yellow under eyes. Nose feeling slimmer. Sat by the pool, beside a fan. Researching, chillin. Moved to a different hotel. Postop Day 5: Follow up. Removed the stitches. Postop Day 8: Removed the cast! Perfectly straight nose, but still pretty swollen and big. PROS: The hospital. The surgeon. Being able to recover in privacy without bumping into people you know. The surroundings. Cons: - The surgery itself takes care of the body, but do not pay much attention to the individual and the mental stress you put yourself through. - Privacy? Not as long as you stay in the hospital. They run inn and out the doors without much knocking. They also undress you without any thought, so make sure you are close with the person you travel with:P - The english is limited. If you are a control freak. This is not for you. You just have to go with the flow. Drains in, new fluent on. Take these pills. I had no idea what they were doing to me at times and not everyone could explain me why either. But I do feel that I was in very good hands with the nurses. - The aftercare. It is better to be able to stop by the doctors office if you are worried. All of this has to happen via mail and pictures. However dr. Montein answers really fast and is on point with all of my questions. - They do not have computer imaging. This made it more difficult to explain what I wanted. Be sure to bring good photos in advance! I did some photoshop to some old photos of me. Outcome: Today I am 7 weeks post up! In the first weeks of recovery I had a big lump inside my right nostril, I suspect this was cartilage(?) but the swelling has subsided and the wall has been flattened out. This has made my nostrils more symmetrical. They change all the time so I try not to look so much at them since it worries me. As I came closer to week 4, the hump started to reappear and since he did not break the bone I cannot shift the bone, only push and hope that the skin and tissue surrounding it will camouflage it and not make it so apparent. This really worries me since it was the main thing I wanted to get rid of. I know that the swelling of the tip will take 6-12 months to subside so I really hope that the nose will not get worse. There are still threads coming out of my nose from all the stitches. Really weird alien feeling, but not painful. Since I came back no one has noticed the difference. Not my bestfriend, roomie or even my mom. I did a 1ml lipfiller with Restylane before I traveled to Thailand so I think that has taken away most of the attention from my nose. Some days I think the change is great, other days I am worried and I question if the large sum of money really was worth such a minor change. My boyfriend thinks the change is big, but I'm not sure if he's just saying that to comfort me:P It's SO much money for me. Anyway.. right now I feel kind of blind on my own appearance. I've added before and after photos in my gallery. I would love to hear your feedback..
  7. Almost 4 weeks since the rhino and the hump is reappearing :S especially on the sides of the nose. The dr told me to keep pressing and pulling to make the nose set as desired but he did not break my bone so I don't know if pushing on these spots will make any difference. I really hope the hump doesn't become more visible in the upcoming weeks:s any advice?
  8. Hi, since I decided to skip my eyebrow lift I was advice to try raising them with botox first. Does anyone have a clinic in Phuket to recommend? I also have a tiny tattoo that I want to remove.
  9. had rhinoplasty on the 1th with dr montien:) in bangkok
  10. I've read about a new threadlift called soft lift. The threads will dissolve and are injected in the same way like botox and restylane. I'm sure it's great on cheeks and such. But I can imagine you would need a lot more force to raise eyebrows? Still reading up on it. The permanent threads sounds a little scary. How do they remove them anyway?
  11. I find very little real life reviews on this topic so right now it looks like i'm dropping it. :/
  12. Yes it's the same hospital! Thank you MizCoco, I'll update you all next week. Eeek excited much!
  13. I think it's my fault. They asked if I were going to do the surgery after the consultation and I replied that I would make the decision after I had talked to Dr. Montien. I'm having it at Samitivej since it will cost less. The hospital is huge and really nice so I feel safe about it. 2 nights are included in the price, including my fiancé I had a consultation with prof. Somyos Kunachak about the endoscopic forheadlift and what I didn't think about was that this procedure will pull back my hairline. I already have a little too large forhead in terms of the "ideal" so it would not look good on me. The other option would leave a scar in front of my hairline. It would raise my brow, remove skin and actually pull my hairline down a little. I would love to do that if it didn't leave a scar. The third option was a simple threadlift, it would raise my brows with permanent threads. I need to read up about this before I consider it. We're going to koh samet now:) Thanks for all the feedback everyone.
  14. Any experience with threadlift? I was on a consultation today but it seem like I am not a suitable candidate for a endoscopic browlift. I already have a big forhead and doing a endoscopic browlift would only elevate the hairline more. He said he would use permanent threads to lift my eyebrows a little, but I think it sounds strange. What will happen in time? It sounds very risky. Would love yo hear someone experience with this procedure. The coronal procedure is out of the question since I don't want any visible scars on my face, im far too young for that. :/
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