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  1. Check the Medicare website, it has a lost of breast conditions that are covered to some degree under Medicare.
  2. There actually is a set rebate amount depending on your problem. For example, if you're breast are asymmetrical, you are entitled by Medicare to $580 back. Not the whole amount, but it helps.
  3. Thanks Juls. Where did you go ? Maybe they have improved their service since with the huge competition of TCI. They girls were really pleasant and called me back straight away. Haven't asked for any photos. Have a consultation on thurs next week... Costs $250 for consult but you can claim so money back with Medicare if you get a referral.
  4. Please help, if you've had experience with this PS, he appears very experienced.
  5. Why did you choose not? I'm going with Alex phoon now.
  6. Offers and helps you to get a Medicare rebate on your ba, also if you get a referral from your GP, consultation fee is covered.
  7. Why does he use the bilateral drains? I don't like the idea of this.
  8. Looks world class and more experienced than most of the medical doctors with a small amount of experience and training in cosmetic surgery. Not willing to go cheap if I end up unhappy. I want my asymmetrical breasts improved.
  9. This is what another clinic told me, that the Natrelle is a cheaper product on the market and that they don't use it.
  10. I was advised from medical questions and answers.net.
  11. I was emailed from a doctors site, not to go with any doctor from TCI.
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