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    Rhinoplasty. My current nose is Ashlee Simpson prior to surgery and I am after her current nose :-)

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  1. I'd like to give an update on my progress. I visited my GP and got a referral for Dr Perry Burstin. I have now met with Dr Perry Burstin. Felt totally comfortable, he is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and straight forward. He wasn't wishy washy, I understood what he was talking about very clearly. We discussed what is wrong with my nose (medically) and what I would like to change aesthetically. He knew exactly what I wanted and makes it very clear he will give you a natural looking nose. There is no Vectra machine but he has many images of his clients. Speaking to him, he knew what I was after before I said anything. I don't think the Vectra is necessary unless you are really unsure about getting it done in the first place. That is just my opinion after speaking with the Dr. I highly suggest visiting an ENT surgeon in particular Dr Burstin. Dr Burstin performs the most nose jobs in Melbourne. You can relax knowing that after surgery the inside of your nose will be functioning even better whilst the outside will be to your desires. I am yet to have my surgery so will update just before and after but I am really excited and looking forward to it. A few things I wasn't aware of and may help you: 1. You can claim the initial consultation with Medicare 2. Medicare also pay a sum towards the rhinoplasty and septoplasty (internal) 3. I highly recommend private health insurance, including overnight hospital cover, Usual waiting period is 12 months so do it now! But even more of the cost will be covered helping to reduce the price. All of these points help when visiting an ENT Surgeon as your appointment and surgery is not just cosmetic. With my surgery between medicare and my health insurance they cover 100% of the cost. What you have to pay is the medicare gap. So that's the amount the surgeon charges over the $RRP so to speak. Eg: Medicare say the price of rhinopasty should be $4,500 (example). The surgeon can charge what ever they like so most will charge more depending on how complicated etc. Hope this helps some of you :-)
  2. Thank you Cosmetic. That is a great suggestion. The Vectra machine would be the best place to start :-) I will keep this post updated. Today I have made an appointment with my GP to see if I can get a referral for Dr Greensmith so I can claim my private Health Care and Medicare benefits. Very excited to finally start the journey!
  3. Hi Everyone, I have been reading all of these forums and gathered A LOT of information in my research for my own rhinoplasty. Everyone really has great advice so I am hoping you can help me with some specifics. At the moment I am looking to book a first consultation with a couple of surgeons. Dr Andrew Greensmith - I've seen nothing but great reviews. I am a little worried I won't be able to afford him so am also looking into both Dr Robert Thomas and Dr Perry Burstin. I have read lots on Dr Greensmith but not so much on Dr Robert Thomas and Dr Perry Burstin. I understand they are both ENT surgeons rather than Plastic Surgeons which is why they are considerably cheaper. From what I've read so far Greensmith (10K - 15K) and Thomas/Burstin (5K) Has anyone gone through surgery with either of them? I am looking to narrow my nose considerable on the front profile and reduce a hump on the side profile. Any information, thoughts and feedback would be lovely. Thank you Blake :-)
  4. Hi Nora, did you go ahead with surgery with Perry Burstin? Any feedback would be great :-) Thank you
  5. Hi Lizzys - just wondering did you go through with your surgery with an ENT? I have been researching both Dr Robert Thomas and Dr Ian Carlisle. Any info/advice you have would be great :-) Thank you
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