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  1. If only Rhinoplasty consultations with a good, reputable doctor weren't so expensive... I guess their time is really valuable. I'm still struggling to understand how multiple people could look at the same thing and see something different! To me it's huge, but I can understand where you all are coming from. Thanks for the replies, keep them coming.. Multiple opinions are always good! EDIT; I'm also in New Zealand so I can't book an appointment with the surgeons you recommend Cosmetic :/ I am a 4 hour flight away from the nearest reputable surgeon (in my opinion, from lots of research) so a consultation is not only going to cost me the hefty fee, but a roundtrip to the city and back. Hmmm.
  2. I'm honestly shocked at both of your responses! Thank you for your compliments I still cannot understand what you both see, but considering that I'm a teenage girl (and most of us really struggle with ourselves!) maybe this distress over my nose will go away with time. At least it will take me a while to save the money for the rhinoplasty, so perhaps in a year's time I will feel differently. I'll still save for the surgery, but make my final decision in a year. I don't really want dramatic changes, it's just that I'm unhappy with the length and feel the tip is a little bulbous. So I would get the surgeon to remove some cartilage from that area. If possible, I would like some of the bone shaved off the bridge so there isn't a little lumpy thing there (something you can't see in the photo, I don't know why.. it's definitely there in real life.) Do you think a surgeon would say the same as you both, and suggest I don't go through with the surgery because my nose isn't big or deformed enough?
  3. Sorry for the creepy eyes, I just didn't want my features to be visible, or to be fully recognisable on the internet. For a long time I have wanted a rhinoplasty, and have really struggled with feeling confident with the nose I have. Because it's such an expensive and difficult surgery, I wanted to be sure before going through with it that my nose was actually "big", and that family and friends supported me. However, everyone I ask tells me my nose is "small" or "fine" and that I do not need to go through with a nose surgery. I can't understand this as I've always considered it to be big, and have struggled with it for years. It's the one thing that gets my confidence down, and I can't imagine ever being happy with my face while this nose is on it. Also, in the image from the side the nose appears smaller than it is in real life. It actually rises a bit more on the bridge and is longer than it appears. (I'm almost 17 and would probably go through with the surgery in a year's time when I'm legally an adult and have saved some extra money) I wanted to go to a professional consultation with a surgeon and ask their opinion, but I'm afraid they'll tell me to go through with it anyway because it'll mean they'll bank an extra 13,000 dollars. Can I get a professional, unbiased opinion - is my nose "big" enough for me to realistically have nose surgery? Will a surgeon turn me down because my nose isn't "big" enough? Are my family and friends just being nice, or are they really right when they say my nose is small?
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