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  1. If only Rhinoplasty consultations with a good, reputable doctor weren't so expensive... I guess their time is really valuable. I'm still struggling to understand how multiple people could look at the same thing and see something different! To me it's huge, but I can understand where you all are coming from. Thanks for the replies, keep them coming.. Multiple opinions are always good! EDIT; I'm also in New Zealand so I can't book an appointment with the surgeons you recommend Cosmetic :/ I am a 4 hour flight away from the nearest reputable surgeon (in my opinion, from lots of research) so a
  2. I'm honestly shocked at both of your responses! Thank you for your compliments I still cannot understand what you both see, but considering that I'm a teenage girl (and most of us really struggle with ourselves!) maybe this distress over my nose will go away with time. At least it will take me a while to save the money for the rhinoplasty, so perhaps in a year's time I will feel differently. I'll still save for the surgery, but make my final decision in a year. I don't really want dramatic changes, it's just that I'm unhappy with the length and feel the tip is a little bulbous. So I wou
  3. Sorry for the creepy eyes, I just didn't want my features to be visible, or to be fully recognisable on the internet. For a long time I have wanted a rhinoplasty, and have really struggled with feeling confident with the nose I have. Because it's such an expensive and difficult surgery, I wanted to be sure before going through with it that my nose was actually "big", and that family and friends supported me. However, everyone I ask tells me my nose is "small" or "fine" and that I do not need to go through with a nose surgery. I can't understand this as I've always considered it to be big, an
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