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  1. I have long been thinking of getting a rhinoplasty ever since the beginning of this year. I am happy that I finally did! It's still 6 weeks since my procedure, and I am pretty happy about it. Although this is still not the final result. But after the swelling has gone down significantly and the discoloration are completely gone, I am happy to see what I am seeing now. Doc andrew kim of advance has been a good surgeon because he gave it to me straight. He told me what i needed to hear and not just what I want, which really worked for my case. He sees what is best for my face. I think the open line of communication is definitely important to see if you are on the same page.
  2. so i guess you can really get the best estimate after two years huh? So a 14 month mark would still be too premature to consider a revision. I had a friend who was not really happy with hers and she is contemplating in getting it corrected. So Maybe she just have to wait it out a couple more months. and maybe sort things through and find a better surgeon perhaps? i went with doc andrew kim of advance with mine about over a month ago. But do u know if he is also good with revisions? I mean i would love to hear a patient's review here. anyone?
  3. I am just curious when do you say that your nose job result is a flop? how long do you have to wait before you can actually observe the FINAL results?
  4. my sister said she had a friend who had her nose fixed by dr andrew kim after years of suffering from a deviated septum. Her friend said that aside from improving the function of her nose, dr kim was also able to enhance its appearance. So far he is the only person that I know on whom someone has an actual experience. I did find his website you can check it out for your perusal - advancecosmetic(dot)com. I was able to ask for a free consultation which he also gives to you graciously, by that I mean he is honest and extensive with his explanation. I am still looking around for nose surgeons, but he is a top contender on my part.
  5. hi! i am planning to get my nose job here in sydney. and i have been asking around and i have my eyes set for dr. andrew kim of advance cosmetic. does anyone here know him? or have any info on him? i would like to know more especially from those who have had their rhinoplasty procedure done by him. post surgical photos would also help too.
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