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  1. I went through Dr Stradwick for a BL/BA very impressed with the results. I'm 10 weeks po. I think swimming, splashing about etc not laps, once your incisions are healed, so 4-6 weeks. I was able to go back to exercise at 6 wks, although started working up to it with steady walks from 4 wks, just so long as your heart rate isn't raised (this puts stress on the wound). You will feel nearly back to normal by Christmas day if you have surgery 25th, I was back at work as a nurse at 4 weeks & only had small amount of tightness left on my chest. I also had a lift though so that may take longer. M
  2. Cosmeditour organised my consult to the GC for a lift & BA. Due to having a lift Dr Stradwick performed my surgery with assistance from another surgeon, therefore my cost was considerably higher than the advertised fee of $5k or so. In saying that I'm so happy with the results. I've seen other people's pics of lifts, reduction & implants & the shape he got for mine is fantastic. I've had follow up care by my local GP & her nurse who look after a lot of PO BAs & they are very impressed as well. I would contact the Breast Academy directly for a quote as well. Although was tol
  3. i vacuumed Wednesday for the first time 7wk po Monday, I have a Dyson & boy I knew about it after Id done the whole house. In saying that I feel fine now. I worked out I've done no upper body workout for 3months as I had to stop 6 weeks prior to my op to let the muscles relax a little. It's good to be getting back to normal ?
  4. So recovery for me is going well. 6 weeks PO today, where has the time gone?!?!?! My internal pulled suture is healing slowly but well. It's clean, no infection & healing from the bottom up & granulating well. Measuring to make sure it doesn't get bigger. Twice daily dressings ? BUT.......apart from that I love love love my new assets. Love how they sit & happy with the scar progress. Still sleeping mostly on my back but occasionally hold a pillow on my chest & sleep on my side. I hope everyone else is doing great & I'm positive you all look amazing ??
  5. I agree, I think I'll be wearing po bras & good quality sports bras as much as possible. Didn't go through all this & spend $$$ to let them down with substandard bra ??
  6. About the first week or so. I had. BA/BL so recovery was a little longer. @Booklet no 24/7 for me till at least 6 weeks. The couple of times I've had it off longer than my shower I felt quite unsupported so think I will wear one most of the time anyway. Never really been a bra less person ?
  7. They look amazing!!!! You would be so happy with the results xx
  8. I was prescribed Celebrex (an anti-inflammatory) as well, anethatist said its the only one that won't cause bleeding in this type of procedure, unlike your ibuprofen anti-inflammatories. Hope it all went well & you've been able to eat xx
  9. That's great with your coach. i know what you mean I'm 3 wks PO & haven't exercised since, have put on 2.4kg so back tomy eating plan Monday to lose this weight before I go back to work ?? Need to be looking great before Christmas to show off the new assets ??
  10. His reply text was somewhat inappropriate ?? lol.....loved it ??? I had an uncles funeral last Friday....older people love to hug hard, I actu skipped the wake cause I couldn't take anymore hugs ??
  11. Totally off topic but I do love having non-saggy boobs.....just sent this pic to hubby ???
  12. Thanks I'll let her know. I did suggest she join the forum. Thank you I'm following orders so hopefully will clear up soon xx @Checken results look great!!!! And thank you it is a little tender but will hopefully clear up soon xx
  13. Hopefully when they d&f the asymmetry won't be as noticeable. Fingers crossed the right looks more like your left when they do. Hoping it clears up soon. The left incisions look so good compared to the right. Thanks will pass on her name as well xx
  14. Thank you @vlh76, will pass on the info. having to take daily photos & wear no bra, the girls are actually a little sore this afternoon & I think it's cause they've had no support most of the day, my back & shoulders are sore as well. Gosh having a whinge today lol. it is interesting how we are all going through different stuff. Hopefully this infection will clear up soon. Just wish the right looked like the left.
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