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  1. Yep they have dropped heaps compared to 8 weeks but most girls will still be sitting very high at 8 weeks - I certainly was. Definitely give Mark a call to discuss if you're concerned. xxx
  2. Thank you so much for all your responses ladies. This forum is such a supportive place. No one else would really understand the emotions behind a BA unless they are on a BA journey themselves.
  3. Thanks ladies. Hubby reckons it was the champers that caused loose lips but still....
  4. I think they look great and very natural, but I can understand why you wouldn't want them to drop any further. Have you tried comparing a pic of now with before and the early weeks to see whether you naturally have that amount of distance between the nipple and lower crease? I'm the opposite - my nipples are quite low and I was worried about that but when I looked at my before pics with my surgeon's nurse, it was clear that that's just my anatomy.
  5. So I'm feeling a bit puzzled by my emotions today and wonder if I'm being overly sensitive? I was at a very boozy gathering of women, of whom I only knew two, when my two friends mentioned my BA to the others. The first time no-one realised what was said among the raucous discussions (but I gave a "tut tut" to my friend disguised in laughter). Then later somehow the topic of boobs came up and my two friends made gestures to me again and I felt backed into a corner to reveal my BA. The other ladies were interested, some wanted a feel and there was much "good on you, I'd love to do that" etc. So I didn't feel judged, but I probably wouldn't have chosen to reveal my BA to these new friends as it was the first time I'd met them. I am not ashamed of my BA and would happily tell anyone about it if they asked me. But I guess the reason I feel uneasy is that I feel it's not my friends place to tell other people, whom I've only just met about my BA. We are all grown women (aged 39 - 47). Am I being overly sensitive? Especially as my BA is already common knowledge amongst my friends. Even my husband told his friends. Which I'm not at all ashamed about. I will see all these women again at school drop offs etc so I guess I just need to deal with it. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Perhaps it's my own fault for telling my friends when I was getting my BA. My other friends who've had a BA only told a small number of people - perhaps in hindsight I should have done that.
  6. Thanks for your replies. I've got 300cc HP unders and am 6 months post op. I've been back lifting weights for 3 months but have avoided chest work, so was quite surprised when I had the stretching sensations I did when doing chatarunga. I used to practice daily and have done my teacher training, so know that I'm doing the poses correctly. Not sure I feel right in my body doing chatarunga though.
  7. Hi ladies, I've just started doing some yoga at home and am finding chatarunga in my sun salutations feels quite odd, as though my implants are being stretched apart. Has anyone else found this and does it change over time? Has anyone found they just can't do some poses that involve the pecs?
  8. I was nipples on a chest until I got my 300cc implants. Happy days now!
  9. I had my hair dyed blonde 4 weeks post op too and had no major issues but I'm still suffering from post partem hair loss and it's been 13 months since Bub was born. Could ithe breakage be a mix of GA and post partem hair weakness?
  10. I waited until I was cleared for running at 8 weeks, then started doing some light jogs to get back into it as you want to be able to jog on a treadmill to get fitted. I was 11 weeks post op when I went to She Science ?
  11. The bras weren't cheap but I guess you get what you pay for. The bra I took home was a Moving Comfort bra that was $90 but I also liked the Nike Pro Rival which was $75. I was in the Nike shop yesterday and saw the same bra for $80. They don't sell standard everyday bras, although I have been told to wear sports bras most of the time from now on to prevent sagging. I quite like the Berlei electrify wirefree bras my surgeon fitted me with as everyday bras and bought an extra one on EBay. I tried a push up bra for the first time yesterday. VaVaVoom!!! Hahaha.
  12. I'm sure family rates will always be a bit different to work rates. For my BA recovery I paid my 18 year old neighbour to work for me as I had an 9 month old and a 4.5 year old at the time (hubby only took 3 days off to help). I paid her $120 a day and she worked from 7.30am - 6.30pm, with breaks when the baby slept (so this could be 3 hours some days!). I now pay her $10 an hour whenever I need her to babysit. Initially I asked her to work for me for 4 weeks (5 days per week) but realised after the second week that I could have coped on my own but as I had already committed to 4 weeks I kinda had to go through with it. I had some friends come and help as well during the first week and bought them little thank you gifts. Depending on your recovery, you might be surprised how much you actually can do after the first week - I certainly was. Good luck!
  13. Hi ladies Just thought I'd share the great experience I had getting fitted for a sports bra at She Science in Kew, Melbourne. Before my BA I was literally nipples on a chest so NO bra every fitted me properly and I chose bras based on the padding they offered rather than the support. I'm a size 8 in clothes but always bought a 12A bra, and never gave a thought about the bra being loose as that's how I liked them. So I think it's fair to say I had no idea about how to choose a bra for myself, let alone a sports bra. I went to She Science yesterday and was so impressed by the service I received and the education on choosing a sports bra. I tried on about 10 bras and ran on a treadmill while a video recorded to see how much support each bra provided. From 10 bras I selected 2 that I would be happy with and that supported me, and then chose one to buy. The sizes had me laughing - 8E and 10D. I'm clearly not a size 12 in bras. Anyway, I'm not some troll trying to spruik products - I was genuinely impressed by the service and therefore recommend other ladies in Melbs to give them a visit, even if it's only to learn about how to pick a suitable bra. Full disclosure - I was given a voucher to She Science as part of my BA package with Craig Rubinstein.
  14. Hiya, I'm around 10 weeks post op too. I'm pretty much back to normal too except in the exercise area. I've eased back into running (but this is also partly due to a dodgy hip) and am back at the gym but I'm not lifting the weights I used to, and some upper body exercises feel very weird when I get to the fatigue stage. So I'm easing back into those too. My scars are dark too and I've been using Bio Ol, but have just bought some straterderm so will give that a go. My surgeon offers Fraxel laser for scars if they haven't faded down the track so might have to do that. I am so glad I had my BA when I did, for a number of reasons. Mainly my baby still isn't close to walking and is getting heavier by the day and secondly nice weather is finally here in Melbourne (although not today!) so it's great to be wearing singlets without Frankenboob. I'm still quite high but my surgeon said it will take a while for mine to drop because I had such little breast tissue to start with. I don't mind the upper pole fullness but my nipples are still a bit too low down, which looks a bit funny naked or if my nips are pushing through a top (I';ve been wearing padding to hide this). Anyone happy with the drop and fluff or feel they have a lot more to go?
  15. I had my BA with Craig Rubinstein 9 weeks ago and have been very happy so far. There was a little communication breakdown but that was quickly resolved. You can read my review of him and also check out surgery stories. I haven't uploaded any pics for a while but they are dropping nicely, although will take a while as I had hardly any breast tissue. If you can, take a friend or partner along to your consultations as you will be overloaded with info and it's good to debrief with someone later.
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