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  1. I did ask about this. I haven't had my surgery yet but TCI told me that I can have the cc insurance and Skype.
  2. I have mine in May and yes a little worried reading some stories but cosmetic surgery is never 100% guarantee. I hope TCI can put all our minds at ease as it is a huge concern.
  3. I will have to use photos and Skype cuddlybear. Not sure if others do this. Oh and see my GP.
  4. Excited to join the May list and cannot wait! I am having my consult on the 20th and BA on the 21st of May with dr Nguyen at TCI. Flying from vic to gold coast with hubby for a few days and then to Sydney for a week then BA
  5. Cotton on have them for $40 or if you want to save money you might get some on ebay or local salvos store.
  6. I sent my photos in and Dr Nguyen said I was suitable. I asked TCI if you can book with any surgeon and they said yes. So A Week Later I booked in with Dr Lee and paid my deposit only to get told I was borderline BL and that my appointment with Dr Lee was cancelled but I could book with Dr Nguyen as he has more experience with borderline patients. So I re booked but still worried I will get there and be rejected after I have paid for flights accommodation time off work etc. I have done the notch to nipple test and I am just over 18cm one side and 19cm the other. I don't think I need a BL and have looked at tons of photos trying to compare but I am no booby expert.
  7. Yes would also like to know. I have horses and work with TB's. I don't get to ride as much these days as my girls have ponies. But I am more concerned with my work as I get pushed around a lot and the job is physically demanding but I love it. I have 4-5 weeks off work arranged and my surgery is in May. I probably won't get back to riding until August or September.
  8. Thanks cleopatra, I am having a consult with Dr Nguyen at TCI in May as he thought ok to do without the lift and hard to tell by photos alone. If not suitable then I will get a refund and go PS. I think I still have to pay consult fee but I would have to do this most places anyway. Great to have other options open.
  9. I was told this also but with varied response to two different surgeons. I sent photos to Dr Nguyen who advised suitable then booked with Dr Lee who advised borderline. So I have now rebooked consult with Dr Nguyen in May and keeping open minded. I don't think my breasts sag that badly so will see how it all goes. I have spoken to TCI several times today and they have advised that pictures can vary from your face to face consult, so I think a consult is always your best option if borderline. I didn't like the way TCI just cancelled my booking via email but was pleased the way they handled the situation when talking to them today and I spoke to a few different girls. Thinking positive but if I have to get a lift as well will probably go PS.
  10. Thanks Win, I think that is what I might have to do. Calling TCI back today to have a chat and yes better to be aware but would have been better before I paid my deposit. Can only learn from these things. Not sure what they can lift as there is nothing there lol. And thank you Dee I will check Dr Bloom out, is he in Melbourne?
  11. Well that's the thing I am pretty careful and thought I had researched well. I am an athletic build, get up at 3am to work racehorses, my boobs definitely do not need a lift. But I made the mistake over the phone saying that I was originally going to go with Dr nyguyen but didn't see a lot of his work so I chose Dr Lee. I am more p off by the fact they didn't call but cancelled my booking by email. When you get 50 odd emails a day, this could have been overlooked and I would have appreciated a phone call to discuss it. I will be looking at some Melbourne surgeons today and will make an app for an opinion.
  12. So disappointed in TCI. Sent my photos in and were assessed as suitable by Dr nyguyen. But after paying my deposit and booking with Dr Lee receive an after hours email to advise that I might need a lift and other work as well as BA and that my booking was cancelled.this was after my husband and I had made arranges to take time off work, accommodation etc. I thought at first why couldn't they take the time to call me and secondly to take my money and then advise of this. Really not happy and will be pursuing for a refund and looking elsewhere. Anyone else had this happen. I am only a 12b and find it ludicrous that I would be considered as needing a lift. Starting to think it was all a stupid idea and maybe I just spend my money on nice pushup bras instead.
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