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    400cc HP Mentor rounds
    Under muscle
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    Dr Mark Lee 16th April 2015
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    160cm 52kg Pre Op: 10A/12AA

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  1. I'm still around! Not as much as I used to be though. Happy booby birthday everyone
  2. Mine are a year old on the 16th! This year has flown by....still love my boobs, no regrets, picked the perfect size
  3. I agree, i would rather it just be ladies
  4. oh my that's come round quick @pilbaraprincess! this year has gone so quick!! only a month to wait now
  5. There are a few Mark Lee girls on here, have a search and you will find a few threads, I had mine done April 15 and I'm very happy with my results, feel free to FR
  6. I had mine done with Dr Mark Lee too, feel free to send any friend requests :)
  7. I've only heard of this one and one where Mark has been trying to repair an error from an overseas surgeon, are there more?
  8. I'm 7 months PO and mine a nice and squishy, I think they could get a little softer still. My husband said it was like cuddling a mannequin when I first had them done, we had a good giggle about it at the time. The muscle takes a while to relax and soften up but they will get soft :)
  9. I had mine done with Mark Lee and you should only massage if he advises you too, if you think you should be massaging them just give Alex the nurse a call or email and she will advise further
  10. Try the Berlei 'barely there' bra, very comfortable, I'm wearing one in my profile pic
  11. Looks like bruising from where a needle went in, I had similar marks after my surgery
  12. Yep they look like mine, I got 2 black, 2 white and 2 nude ones. I normally wear size 10 and got the 8-10 ones, they are a tight fit so you might find the 12-14 more comfortable, I wish I got 12-14.
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