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  1. Generally you are able to start doing just light cardio exercises after 4 weeks post op. Nothing too heavy that will cause the new boobs to bounce around. By 6 weeks you are able to slowly get back into doing some normal strength training, even some arm exercises. But don't do anything you are not comfortable with. You will be able to tell. But yeah exercise before 4 weeks is not a good idea as you are not allowing your body to fully recover. And getting the heart pumping too much is not allowing the blood to fully circulate and heal the muscles on your rib cage. Best to rest and let your body heal naturally. If you went under the muscles, the more you need to rest as your muscles have been torn apart from the surgery.
  2. Yeah my surgeon said that it's the smaller implant that will drop first. He said that it is normal. Do not freak out. He also said that it could take up to 6 months for the bigger implant to drop to the same level as the smaller one.
  3. How annoying is it! Yeah I just loaded myself with Vitamin C and Shots of Olive Leaf twice a day to help me get over the cold! I got better a day before surgery! Pheew! And made time for lots of rest even though I had work!
  4. I only slept propped up for a week then on my back till I reached 3-4 weeks post op then I was already sleeping on my sides. It's whatever feels comfortable to you really. But definitely avoid sleeping on ur tummy till the Dr says it's all OK.
  5. My ribs (mainly the sternum) is tender but my breast are feeling fine. But yeah my surgeon told me to just leave it and wait it out as my muscles have not healed 100% to my ribs yet. So I'm currently on Voltaren to help ease the pain. Can't believe that I did this to myself! Argh! Didn't think to even ask my surgeon if it's ok.
  6. Hi girls! Just wondering if any of you have gone to the Chiropractor to adjust your back at 4 weeks post op? I accidentally went and forgot to ask my surgeon if I was able to because I didn't think anything of it and didn't think if would effect my Post Op recovery. And when I called to ask, the nurse said that it's still too early as I'm still in the recovery process etc. Now I'm worried if I've stuffed my new breasts because I've had my back adjusted. I'm hoping that they wont end up lop sided or something horrible. Eeeek! I'm freaking out! xx
  7. Did you get rounds or teardrop babe? I know for a fact that rounds won't give you as much projection compared to the teardrop shape. Rounds will give you more of the frontal cleavage though. But definitely wait till you have dropped and fluffed to see the full result. I think your boobies are looking great hun!
  8. I'm almost 4 weeks post op and my Morning Boob has only just kind of settled now. What your feeling is all normal! You can't really avoid Morning Boob but you can do some stretches to ease the pain. Just pop your hands on your head and try and bend your elbows back as far as you can to stretch your pec muscles but do it gently and slowly! And do another one where you stick your arms and hands in the air and try to touch your ears with your arms beside your head! It gave me a bit of relief which was nice!
  9. My height is 5ft 6! 57kgs! My top was a size 6 before before surgery and my bottom is a size 10! Big sizing gap! So a C was great for me because I didn't want my boobs so big that it made my bum look flat! I went 335cc with the implants!
  10. I was a triple A, now I'm a 12C! That's the max I could go because I didn't have much tissue to play with in the first place otherwise I would of had to go over the muscle which I wasn't keen on doing.
  11. I paid $10,500 for mine. Mind you they had a special on at the time I went at 15% Off and mine are Teardrop and they normally cost more.
  12. He is insanely good at what he does. Don't care if he's not the friendliest of doctors, his work and professionalism is what I paid for.
  13. Thank you RH4K! I'm so happy with them and I hope other girls out there also get the same happiness and results!
  14. Hi Girls! Would like to share my experience with you with Dr Scamp. This may help girls in finding the best and right plastic surgeon for your body. This all started when one of my colleagues went to get her breasts done with Dr Scamp. She had textured, round 'gummy bear' implants recommended to her and was placed under the muscle. I've always wanted to get my breasts done but haven't been impressed with any surgeon's work till I saw my colleagues breast augmentation with Dr Scamp. I was so impressed to see how natural her round implants looked that I just couldn't imagine how natural he could make the teardrop shape look. Me personally, I love the natural look. And to find a Surgeon to create that result was very rare. Many of my girlfriends went overseas to get theirs done to save some coin, I just wasn't impressed with their results. And some had complications a couple months later, which was even worse. So I really do believe that you definitely get what you paid for because in the end of the day, it's your body and if something happens, you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life. So you may as well get it done right the first time and pay for a fully credited, over experienced surgeon to give you the best results with no health hazards. So I went to see Dr Scamp. I was already informed that he is not the warmest surgeon but his skills were second to none. Which was fine, because I needed a professional surgeon who could tell me black or white what is expected. He recommended textured teardrop 'gummy bear' implants 335cc, under the muscle. Which was exactly what I wanted to achieve that natural look. He used the 3D camera on me and the bra and fillers to help me visualize the final result. On June 1st 2015, I had my surgery. The first night and the next day I was so nauseous from all the local anesthetic, which was normal. I had no need for a compression bra or drains which was such a bonus. By day 3 I was up and walking around the house, was walking around the shops and that night I washed my hair very gently and slowly. I wad also off all pain killers, I didn't even have the need for Endone at all, just the Fort. By day 4 I was slowly reaching for some things but definitely not over extending to grab things. By day 5 my constipation was relieved and doing most things by myself, was able to slowly drive myself to my first post op appointment. My recovery has been very smooth. I'm now a little over 3 weeks post op and I've already been back at work for a week and I'm in retail so I have to use my arms to a certain extent but not over doing it. I'm feeling fine, just feeling some tightness but not bad at all. Still have slight morning boob but goes away quickly. And most of all my partner and I, love my new boobs!!! Almost all of my colleagues have seen them and they love love love how natural they look. They also agree that you definitely get what you paid for and if it's your body, you want to make sure that you look after it. I take my hat off to Dr Scamp and his team for making this whole experience a smooth and healthy one. I couldn't be happier with the results I got. Can't wait to see them take their final shape in the next couple of months. They are already looking so natural and it's going to look even better!
  15. Yeah it is normal for your skin to get a little irritated after changing your dressings weekly. I normally just take off my old dressings, air it out for about 2-3 hours then put a little bit of Aloe Vera to help with the itching (but don't put it on your incision!) Then I wipe if off with rubbing alcohol and re-dress it. I also cut my dressing smaller and kind of place the dressing on a different part of my skin so I'm not constantly irritating the same place of my skin.
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