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  1. I had my BA two years ago After 15 years together and not wanting children, my husband has started talking about us having a baby. As someone who has suffered from anorexia in the past and continues to have a lot of body image issues, I'm terrified of what this might mean to my mental health. Can anyone share what pregnancy did to their implants? I may or may not breastfeed. I'm having a lot of anxiety
  2. You usually have to pay for a full ml regardless because most injectors used the pre-filled syringes. The first time I had the nasolabial done I used a ml but now I get 2ml and get it spread predominantly in the tear trough and upper cheeks with a small amount in the lower face. My injector uses two different kinds of filler
  3. Hi Gabby. I got my first IUD in 2008, second five years later and have never had any issues. But around a year ago I developed a small tear around the entrance to the vagina which made sex very painful. I was always quite itchy but because I had no discharge and my vaginal swabs were clear, my GP was very perplexed and sent me to a specialist who deals with dermatological issues of the vagina (can you believe such a specialist exists???) anyway, she rather abruptly told me that I had quite a bad case of thrush even without discharge and a lot of papers had recently been published on the M
  4. Why do you want an ENT? A pure ENT probably won't have the experience to do a revision which is always more challenging. There are some dual specialists who are both ENT and plastic surgeons.
  5. Do you have private health insurance? The hospital fee should be partially covered by your insurance (minus any excess) if you have Medicare rebates attached to your septoplasty procedure.
  6. I've heard that George Marcells is excellent from my GP (she's based in Double Bay so she sees a lot of patients who have had plastic surgery). I didn't see him myself as I had my boobs done at the same time. But yes, that price is pretty crazy but some surgeons charge that much simply because they CAN
  7. Bob Bon, he's a nice guy, very thorough, my consult with him lasted well over an hour. But I'll be honest, he's a VERY good salesman. The "rapid recovery" he talks about is really no different from any other surgeon because why wouldn't others want their patients to have a quick recovery. You'll see on this forum many girls bounce back after their surgery whereas others have more pain. I'd question if you've done plenty of research on the use of Brazilian implants also. Apart from him being cosmetic, not a plastic surgeon, ultimately I decided I didn't want the Brazilian implants. Where
  8. He was $14,100 when I saw him in February 2015 so who knows the price these days!
  9. It depends on how stretchy it is. I lived in my flannie PJs and loose hoodies (it was winter) because I couldn't get my arms back very far and my husband dressed me for the first 3-4 days.... I don't think I would have been able to get in a Lycra top like that.
  10. My bruising was pretty bad and I had a cast over the nose for 2 weeks. After that I was "presentable" but still quite swollen for a few months but that was really only noticeable to the trained eye.
  11. My Vectra images looked very similar from the first surgeon I saw who recommended 270cc HP anatomicals. I ended up picking anothe surgeon and switched to rounds to maximise the CC I could accomodate and ended up with 325cc rounds. I now wear a 10DD but they look closer to a C cup in most clothes/bras. At the time, I never would have contemplated going bigger and at first they felt huge but now, I would have preferred an extra 50-100cc but they wouldn't have fitted my narrow BWD anyway....
  12. That seems like a lot of money for an explant. I've read blogs from girls on RealSelf who had it done under local anaesthetic in less than half an hour..... not that I'd personally want to be awake but it really isn't complex.
  13. I have been seeing the same nurse injector for many years and she's amazing. I think the skill really comes down to the individual and their training and experience, regardless of whether they are a doctor or nurse.
  14. I would get a second opinion with another surgeon. I found that even though I thought I was prepared for my first consult, it just ended up raising more questions and concerns. I saw 3 surgeons in total and had 3 with my chosen surgeon before my surgery date.
  15. ^^^ same as above. On one hand I miss how much upper pole they had in the beginning but they do look a lot less "bolt on" in some items of clothing these days which is good I guess!
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