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    gold coast
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    Breast augmentation removed and replaced.
    1st op 2001 by ps 340cc textured silicone - developed capsular contracture.
    2nd op 2015 by cs 495cc brazillian implants
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    dr.ces.****** 12th January 2015
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    168cm, 50kgs bra size after 10e
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    anything outdoors, keeping fit

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  1. Ha ha too funny. Uggs keep your feet so toasty warm. Id wear them.
  2. Hey JGirl, I think its great that you have had a good result and experience and its good to share that. I had a cs also and he did a great job doing my revision surgery. But honestly not the best forum to come and try to compare cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons as it is a plastic surgeon site.x
  3. I don't think they can explode. Might be wrong. But I know that I had cc within the 1st 3 months of having my implants put in. I had them in for over 10 years. It did get really bad but they were still in tact when they were removed and replaced. I had the furry brazillian implants put in. They are so so much better now. But the right breast that had the worst cc is a little tighter than the left implants, but nothing that im concerned with. Hope you find someone to do the surgery for you. I had mine done by a surgeon on the GC, that has heaps of experience with them.
  4. ITs early days they will settle heaps. Mine have changed soooooo much since they were 1st done. x
  5. I know you have probably heard this a billion time Donatella, you will meet the right guy when you least expect it. I've only seen one pic of you and you are beautiful I used to always go for the buff meat heads, who would spend longer in front of the mirror than me. Then I met my hubby, who was a beautiful geeky (in a nice sexy way) kind natured guy. The complete opposite to what I was lusting for before. If I got with a guy and he was on tinder I would run a mile. That place is a shag search from what I've heard.
  6. Hi Huck. Im not sure what your journey has been. But it doesn't sound like a smooth one. Sorry to hear that, not nice to hear someone going through a struggle. I just saw your before pic and 1 day post op in your page. They looked beautiful. Did things not go well after than. Even though I don't know you, im sending you a big hug. xx
  7. Its hard nowadays with reviews as alot of companies in any industry get other competitors writing bogus bad reviews to try and bring people down. I always want to see there work and what surgical training they have. See if they have done cases similar to mine. To me it really didn't matter plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon as I had mine done by a plastic surgeon years ago and he was dishonest and did a shocking job. It is nice to speak to other patients on forums ect but I would only make a decision when I met the surgeon and felt comfortable with them. I do always trust my gut feeling with people.
  8. I had removal and replacement with Dr Ces on the gold coast and highly recommend him. He is a cosmetic surgeon and does amazing work. I'm just over a year post op and am very happy with the outcome and choice of surgeon. If your still unsure, its always an idea to get a 3rd opinion.
  9. It took me ages to feel comfortable in a wired bra. If they feel sore, don't wear the wired ones. I've found some nice none wired ones in target they are $25 for a pack of 2. They look great and are so soft. They are similar to those Ahh bras, but are proper bras not a crop top.
  10. Wow they do look amazing, lovely shape and size. Hope the bruising settles for you. If it gets hotter and more painful id go in for a check up.
  11. Good luck with the next consult. Hope its better aswel :-)
  12. I have been off the forum for a while. Just got back on and saw this thread. Only read the last page and Donatella this post had me in stitches. Do guys really do that? Too too funny Im defo going to read through the whole thread as if that last page is anything to go by, its a good read.
  13. I think some doctors don't have the best bedside manner. It doesn't mean they are not any good, just means you wouldn't get a smile when they take your money and do your surgery. If you are unsure go and get a second or third opinion if you are not comfortable with him or what surgery he would do for you. I personally like to have that good bedside manner and a little bit of compassion and sympathy when it comes to having surgery.
  14. HI All, can anyone recommend the most natural looking clip in hair extensions. I see so many around but not sure which are the best. Iv tried permanent hair extensions a couple of time now and they just damaged my hair so much. Would love any recommendations from anyone who uses them. Thanks x
  15. Whit Whoo MissyHu they look amazing. Love the top aswel. Kookai do the best tops for fake boobies. Its shocking how horrible girl can be. You don't really hear blokes slagging off a good looking male. Just ignore them and walk with pride. Jealousy is definitely a curse. x
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