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  1. I've read buffet food is a no, street food is a no, even resturaunts are iffy. I'm sick to death of packet nuts and McDonald's i am so paranoid of getting sick it's horrible I'm scared after surgery when I have to order over the phone and not see food cooked The streets here absolutely reek and the street food smells make me nauseas lol never again would I come here it makes me appreciate australia soooo much like wow. The hospital was professional however it's the only professional looking thing I've found so far, I've been hassled by tuk tuk drivers and ripped off by taxi drivers something fierce. Babgkok is not my friend.
  2. Holy moly!! So I arrived in bangkok tonight and have surgery scheduled at bumrungrad this Wednesday. My friend and I had read all about a nightclub area called nana that was supposedly great to see, however upon arrival we saw a young child and baby sleeping on the sidewalk- and that's me being optimistic they weren't drugged, rats eating from garbage bags on the side of the road and boys trying to call us into alley ways it was TERRIFYING. Even near my hotel (pratinum platinum which I chose for the markets and fashion mall) there are scary sites and everything is so dirty and smelly and I literally cried and feel like backing out altogether. I feel like I've made the biggest mistake of my life coming here, please tell me that bangkok is clean and that It was just bad luck to have witnessed those things tonight :'(((
  3. Example on Google my procedure should supposedly be 8800 at a 26.08 exchange rate. I'm carrying aud over, when I pay if their exchange rate is the same would I pay that same number or have hundreds of dollars slapped on top just for changing it? Thanks
  4. Please help, I'm so confused. When converting Aus money into Thai baht in bangkok- (I think I'll just do it at the hospital) will I be charged fees to change it or will I be paid whatever their exchange rate is? Will the exchange rates be similar to that on Google or better/worse?
  5. thanks heaps for that! I wont bother swapping it then, just wanted to check as it was just a little too pricey to not be able to use
  6. Hey guys I ordered a post op bra (care fix Anna) in medium but it looks TINY. It does look stretchy, is it meant to be really tight or should I go for large or extra large? (I'm only a B yet it looks too small for that even lol?) any advice appreciated
  7. Thankyou! I plan on making a video diary of all post op care just to be 100% safe they cant try say I didnt follow after care instructions. It will be long, time consuming and annoying but I simply dont have enough money for revision.
  8. I knew it shouldnt be taken prior but thought I read somewhere to take it straight after to aid the scar healing :/ I may need to have a google, thanks! x
  9. I am sooo stressed I can't decide to pay $520 AUD with GPS for medical insurance as they will not answer my emails re: the following question: If an issue arises with my surgery (BL & BA) but the surgeon refuses to fix it/or the hospital refuses to respond (Ive recently been told this has been the case for a previous patient) will the insurance still cover me to have the issue fixed in my home country instead (Aus) or does it need to be fixed by the place you got it done. I'd think it's a simple enough question but obviously not. Is Medical insurance full proof? Is Private Health more important? Are both collectively the best option? I am TERRIFIED something is going to go wrong and I want to be well protected as I dont have money for a revision Would signing up for Private Health two months prior to surgery be silly/too obvious/not a good idea? What do you girls/have you girls done when travelling for Thailand surgery?
  10. I am booked for a BA & BL in Bangkok for May and wish that I could cancel and do it in AUS to feel more confident but my flights and accomodation is paid already, no backing out now! I think the most important thing is to research your chosen surgeon THOROUGHLY and do not fall for fake reviews as they do exist... I am just praying I'll be in the happy percentage and if not- Medical insurance, medical insurance, medical insurance!!!
  11. I am paying approx $10,000 AUD in Bangkok. If I knew about Dr Dona and hadn't already paid for flights and accomodation I would have stayed in Aus though. The extra $3000 could have given me far better results (my expectations are lower after finding this site) xx
  12. it's such a shame hardly anyone responds on this site
  13. Hi girls I am traveling to have a BL & BA and have no idea how I'll be feeding myself etc as I chose to leave my family behind. How long after the first night hospital stay were you able to walk/move to buy food etc? I have no idea how I will get my suitcase from the hospital to the taxi to the hotel- is there someone i could hire for this? (Bangkok) xx
  14. wish I could help but I'm in the same boat haha. I am approx a C- probably a D in skin.. I was told I need the most invasive lift type that exists (thanks kids) Its anchor/vertical T incision so I have no idea how much skin will be removed or what size I will be allowed. He said he would need to see and measure me first so I'm just waiting on that. I'm hoping 400cc or more will fit.. I have read though that girls getting lifts are better off going smaller as re occuring sagging is common They say best results come from two operations (a lift first then implants later) but I cant afford to do it like that, Im taking the risk of getting them both over with at once. the procedures apparently work against one another and makes it harder for scars to heal.. Anyway my advice is to go the same size JUST in case you end up sagging again too quickly. Although in saying that I know although its the smartest decision its also the boringest and I dont know if I could do it despite knowing I should lol goodluck x
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