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  1. I lasted 3 days haha just hold onto them
  2. I lasted 3 days haha just hold onto them
  3. Big girls don't cry anymore in the valley/city
  4. 520cc high profile round textured nagor silicon over muscle
  5. I got measured today at "big girls don't cry anymore" and measured a 12 FF! Still wish they where bigger though haha boob greed already... I'm almost 4 weeks post op. I bought a bra that's 83% less bounce sport bra for when I return to running at 6 weeks
  6. 520 high profile round nagor textured implants silicon
  7. Really good sorry I'm not getting notifications when people comment on my posts ! Have uploaded new pic recently
  8. There definently not as high as they where when they where first done just didn't know if it would be as much as under the muscle implants
  9. Will I drop and fluff as such being over the muscle?
  10. I wish they where bigger but that's being greedy there alot bigger the healing and everything has been amazing im just wanting bigger cause I'm greedy haha
  11. I'm 165cm 65kg, I did a home measurement via bras and things website I was a 12d before hand and measure 14f at 3 weeks post op. 520cc over the muscle high profile round textured silicon nagor implants..
  12. I measured today at 3 weeks post op based on a guide I found online im currently sitting at 14F from a 12D
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