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  1. Ohh I have just been looking at cosmeditour! I was in two minds about them medi makeover and GHT but after other reviews I think cosmeditour is the way to go
  2. hey yeah the rhino pictures are just the same 4 pictures repeated. I was thinking of global Health Tour with montien but the website is all over the place with their pictures heard amazing things though hey! Oh wow let me know how it goes who are u going with if U don't mind me asking
  3. after doing alot of research I think im tempted to go to Thailand and get my nose fixed but in two minds about where to go though, ive heard great reviews on Dr. Montien but also Rungkit Tanjapatkul with MediMakover. Has anyone been through Medi Makeover?
  4. Hey so im looking at to get my nose done.. Nothing major wrong with it just a bump but I've seen really good feedback on both surgeons! Which one would be best to go to? Love both their work thanks ?
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