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  1. if so how long until you were lifting weights again and exercising? I need an muscle repair too! Thanks xx
  2. Hi, I wouldn't put it off. You have 2 full weeks which is the most vital time for recovery. I had 2 little ones when I first had mine done, and I remember I was going really well after 2 weeks! I'm getting mine redone on the 17th and now I have 3 little ones!! Good luck hun xx
  3. Awesome so much better under! How long were you in hospital for?
  4. Wow! Good on you!! Did you go under the muscle ? I'm getting lipo on my hips and tummy. So nervous. I've had my boobs done 5 years ago, under the muscle, and I remember the pain was herendous!!! But I'm thinking my ab muscle repair and tummy tuck will over ride that pain ☺️
  5. hi all, I'm new on here. I'm going in for my surgery on March 17! Has anyone on here had the procedure I'm having? I need my abs seen back up, tummy tuck and lipo and breast augmentation. Feeling very nervous about the recovery as I'm a PT and group fitness instructor, I'm worried how long I'll be off work. Thanks xxx
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