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  1. @fishlips, do you mind if I ask where you get your Ultra Plus? I get mine done at LCA and it’s about half the price of other places. I always wonder how much the product actually costs and how much is tacked on for the service itself. Surely after all of these years and the fact there are certainly more people getting their lips and other stuff done, they could drop the price a little by now or create something that’s longer lasting.
  2. Hi Mel.d, I was an 8A pre-op and am now about an 8DD (a small 8E when I have my period and I’m bloated). 8DDs are hard to find in bras so more often than not I have to go with 10D depending on the brand. I absolutely love my new additions!! I can make them look natural if I want to or with certain bras I can give them the “dayum!!” factor if I want to as well. My PS initially suggested 275cc and said he’d go to 300cc if I really wanted him to. I’m so glad I pushed for 325cc!! I think whatever you think you want, add 25cc. With placement, I had to go with unders because I
  3. Just ask Dr. Szalay what he recommends and then purchase that.
  4. Yeah, super stretchy and smooth. Seamless too.
  5. Oh that's good. Sometimes I do think about my old "natural" body but then I remember how small my boobs were and once I take another look in the mirror, I can't take the grin off my face!! I wouldn't give up this rack for the world!!
  6. Hi lilbeetle, You joined the forum a month before my BA and revision rhino so chances are you would have seen active posts by me. I went a little insane with the amount of posts leading up to and just post my surgery haha. If you’re ever in the country be sure to post on here so you could maybe catch up with some of the users in person. Btw way, how are the new additions going? You’re at 7 weeks so should be starting to D&F. Sukii xx
  7. Btw when the nurse said they supply them, does that mean more than one? Perhaps you won't have to buy any extras.
  8. My PS gave me an Ahh Bra type thing. I think it was the Genie Bra (Ahh Bra with inserts). Sooo comfy!! And I could step into it and pull it up for the days until I was able to put my arms up over my head.
  9. Hi babysaurs, Will you be getting a lift as well or hoping to just fill it all with an implant? In addition, are you after a specific look? Lots of upper pole fullness, etc.? Sukii xx
  10. Hi kylie31, Congrats on setting the date. How exciting!! Time to get a ticker now. Sukii xx
  11. alison92, please don't take this in a b*tchy way because that's not how I am intending it at all, however I couldn't help but notice you said "boyfriend". Not "husband" or even "fiancé". I'm sure you guys have a great relationship but sometimes these things work out an sometimes they don't. At the end of the day your body is going to be with you forever, he on the other hand might not. You need to make yourself happy first, and him happy second. I personally believe he is being really unreasonable and he should understand how this is affecting you . Why wouldn't he want you to be 100% happy
  12. I haven't watched the show throughout the season but my sister guilted me into watching the finale and I must say I lasted about 10 minutes before I was on my phone watching YouTube vids!! Although I did happen to catch a glimpse of an article a couple of weeks ago about the dude being out partying and acting single (supposedly after the show had already wrapped). The chick seems to think they’re still together but do you think that’s for ratings for this last reunion episode thing my sis keeps going on and on about? I think it’s called “After the Rose”? Dunno, if they are together then goo
  13. Hi chem, Oh my God, only 18 days to go for you!! How exciting!! Are you nervous? I found I was fine leading up to it and then once I hit single digit days I was a complete wreck. It was strange though, on my drive to the surgery I was still freaking out but as soon as I got there, I don’t think I’ve been more relaxed in my entire life. Looking back now I don’t know why I was so nervous. I NEVER get like that and seeing my results, I’m happy with what I got and know now that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Sukii xx
  14. As for the silicone tape, I never used it myself but I've seen some great results on the chicks who did.
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