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  1. Thank you so much to you all You have all helped me soooooo much! i have decided to go with a plastic surgeon, not that i think negative of anyone who did go cosmetic surgeon nor negative of any cosmetic surgeons... just from advice and research i have done. i do like the sound of the furry Brazilians too so im going to ask about them.... so far i have booked in to see Dr David, Dr Mansoor and i will give Dr Bloom and Southwick a call today......i really hope i dont get all different opinions because then ill be REALLY confused !!!! and i would really like to try get them done in April or May.........
  2. Oh thanks bettyB sorry i am pretty new to this how do i send a FR ☺
  3. Im going for my first consultation on Tuesday and just want to be a little prepared.... So i would love to hear from anyone similar to myself im 173cm tall, 60kgs, 3 kids..... I have a small a cup and have breast fed so a little empty....i dont think im tubular...sso i guess im wondering what size and type you have been recommended...or had done... I do know my surgeon will guide me but i have learnt that you do get a few different opinions so i thought i would check people similar to me and see what they were happy wwith...☺
  4. Thanks shazzy i have heard heaps about Dr ****.. Im glad your happy im booking a consult with him too.....there are so many to chose from...a few out of my budget of 10....aand i dont want to wait any longer and save more ☺ I could maybe go 11...... I do have a consultation with DR David at the vic cosmetic institute on the 16th march and i know he is a bit out of my price range though......
  5. I did look at dr southwick and didnt go any further for exactly the same reason earlybird...i haven't seen anyone so far mention him........ I would love to hear what your experience has been like so far? And how much it will cost you ?
  6. Oh thank you Teppy!!!!! i totally agree i do want someone who is very experienced and professional, i would love to hear how you feel over the next few weeks i haven't had a consult yet so no idea yet on shape or size, i cant wait to see what they suggest though....... Thank you again
  7. I have looked at (websites) Dr Tim Brown Dr Mansoor Dr David .........
  8. Oh sorry i should have mentioned that So i do want a more natural look i was thinking about a c cup??? My budget is around 10.......... and i am really not sure about cosmetic surgeon or plastic? maybe plastic.... Thank you
  9. Hi everyone im very new at this only signed up today....... I am looking at getting BA done i have wanted to do it for sooooooooooooooo long! i am 31, i have 3 gorgeous children......i have always had small breasts A cup or sometimes a B! now even smaller from breastfeeding I live in Melbourne and have been doing a bit of research on who to go to but am so confused!!!!!!!! Then i found this site and would love to hear from others who they are using or have used Thank you in advance
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