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    BA/BL booked in with Mark Ashton for 9/11/15.

    360cc nagor impleo overs, BL, 100cc reduction, areola reduction.

    Revision in november

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    August 2016 - 1ml juvederm ultra
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    158cm/55-56kg/12DD roughly
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  1. Mine went good so far went a little over time which is annoying but went the 420s hopefully dont regret going the smaller one
  2. hahah well if you've given birth 5 times, even not having given birth myself I can say you'll be like 99% fine. If youre going unders or dual plane youll probably just feel tightness and shortness of breath really as the pec is super tight and needs to slowly relax but mine are overs so it's a lot easier recovery! Yeah I basically didnt feel any pain but just took my endone and other medications at the required times for the sake it of it and after a week I was fine. so considering I had a lot more done you'll be fine, even with the GA bloat it goes down naturally etc Yeah hopefully, i'm really not fussed if I need an extra lift because ill only be 500 out of pocket but hopefully the look will be achieved a lot more this time round, i'm still tossing up between 420 and 460 as I really dont know...so i'll decide that right before surgery with my surgeon and also seeing the implants
  3. I knew I wouldve needed 2 surgeries to get as close as I could to what I want because im in that smaller percentage where it's more complicated First surgery: Pre op I was a 8-10E with lots of tissue, I had a lift 100cc reduction(slightly more in left to try and correct assymetry) areola reduction, 360cc HP nagor impleos and a lift. This time round i'm upgrading to either 420 or 460 XHP to make them look as fake as I can which is hard, then 150cc left and 120cc right of tissue removed and a lift again. No complications just one of those cases. Idk i'm a little more nervous this time round but just because I want them to get better not worse. Just take it easy take all the meds at required times, dont worry about GA bloat etc eat well. I find the lists good on here but honestly i'm more laid back this time round with less prep What size are you pre op? did your surgeon say what size youll end up most likely ?
  4. Yeah agreed i'm doing the revision slightly for size but mostly for look but because im short and small with already big boobs I have to think about how much that size will make a difference as i'm already like an 8G or so I found I got bigger as they dropped more which was depressing haha
  5. yep if I was in the normal category i'd not even bat an eyelid and have to think so much about the two but yeah i'll have a talk with my surgeon ebforehand and also see both implants to fully decide yeah did you notice anything different? I think I mightve seen a picture somewhere but just sent you a friend request though! I just hate how on some people they can look really projected even with small implants thats my only worry even though going up that small wouldnt haha I can't afford to then change it as it's so bloody expensive Did you size bigger in bras after the upsize ?
  6. Nope I wish Just Fr if you wanted to see how big they are/look haha yeah I just hate some that look full on projected that don't look good as that can be done with any sized implant so that and sizing biggeris the only worry oh and sagging ugh
  7. haha mine aren't the ones in the picture, i have 360's now and even though it's a small upsize even with taking like 150ccs tissue out and lifting, that 40 ccs can easily make me size up more so it's depressing unlike everyone else on here it's actually so difficult deciding between 420 and 460 as silly as it sounds, do you find youre project heaps or not that bad, i'm worried about that look going with the bigger one considering i'm already big
  8. yeah 420 isn't a big implant necessarily but i'm only 5'2 and 56kgs athletic/slim build and I was naturally a 10E or so pre op before I had tissue removed etc and even this time round so it will still be big for me as 460s will push me up another cup size and im already measuring a 10G so yeah 40 ccs and size makes a difference in my case
  9. Didn't realise there a was a November group already started as there wasn't any posts in the surgery groups haha I'm booked in for next Monday 7th actually more nervous the second time round now! Anyone getting XHP implants ?
  10. I have my surgery booked in for next monday and just wondering who has changed to XHPs and what did they find/any differences and if youre happy with them, do you feel like they really project a lot ? Or if anyone has 420's or 460 XHP implants, do you find them big etc ?
  11. @NicciB What are you having done and who with ? haha I was waiting for someone else to post in this group but looks like it's a quiet one
  12. Anyone having surgery in November...surely it can't just be me ? I have mine next monday 7/11 is anyone else on that week or day ?
  13. yeah it's so small and because I am already a 10G sometimes F if I go up a cup size i'll most likely be measuring 10H which is impossible as compared to most on here I have quite big natural boobs compared and since im only 158cm it makes a bigger difference ah the dilemma !
  14. It might in terms of the size of my breasts atm and because implants do size larger, so if i'm inceasing by 100ccs to the 460's that might make me go up yeah I have no clue really so if I increased 100cc to 460 XHP from 360HP ill go up from 11.6cm base > 12.2 and project 5.0 > 5.8 it doesnt seem like much but that is an extra 100 grams so even if im taking out 120ccs and 150cc in tissue im basically replacing it with implant and i'm already a 10F/G so I really dont know
  15. They dont resemble them as much now unfortunately but hopefully my revision theyll turn out a lot better, even if I may need another lift a lone the year after...just want them smaller and faker !!
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