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  1. I used to work for the surgeon in the other room next to Tony and saw his patient's all the time. I would recommend him for sure!
  2. I have this bad feeling they are going to reject me now
  3. They are 3 hours ahead of Perth so will no doubt be closed now being 5.30 over there. But I'd assume normal office hours.
  4. Yeah i was surprised. Dr Lee. She said appts had become available!
  5. I rang today and got a back to back with Dr Lee for 17/18th March. She said some appts had become available. I'm flying from Perth.. sooo excited!
  6. So excited booked today with TCI for 17/18th March back to back, flying from Perth
  7. I rang and booked today for 2 weeks time. I'm flying from Perth so back to back.
  8. Hi All, Newbie here, have been hiding in the background reading everyone's reviews on surgeons and such. I'm 29, 2 kids (5 & 3) and have lost 45kg in 1.5 yrs thanks to lap band. Now comes the time to get my boobs back! So I've sent off my email to Somnio and will request Dr Boonchai as from what ive read everyone thinks he's great. I'm slightly nervous because i am travelling alone so was thinking of doing it one of Somnio's group tour things.. any advice on doing it alone would be great as it seems to be the only thing weighing on my mind. Thanks!!
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