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  1. Happy just as they are. This size was my maximum and I think they suit my frame and body shape very well. Dont think i'd go bigger even if I had the option.
  2. I had my surgery in May and I still can't do push ups. My surgeon told me there was nothing I needed to avoid but pushups put an uncomfortable pressure on my chest.
  3. As someone who was tuberous, I would go so far as to say my self image was actually a destructive force in my life. Absolutely worth all the money and pain. Changed my life.
  4. There's no going back now, I will replace/revise for as long as is necessary. Two expenses I will always have a plan for are my pets and my boobs!
  5. Its really irresponsible of them to be so alarmist and publish an article that is going to worry people with such sketchy and potentially misrepresented sources.
  6. Champion at Myer have some really decent ones
  7. I used the lipoelastic and found it to be great, the compression really helped and the support was very comfortable. I wore the anna when i was going out and outfits wouldn't hide the PI but other than that I really needed the compression it provided. Dr Connell told me the main thing the bra needed to do was to prevent any movement and keep them as still possible
  8. I took the anna in to my first post op checkup with Tony and was given the ok. It was my 'going out' surgical bra lol, I wore the less attractive and harder to hide one at home and to sleep.
  9. He didn't use any sizers in my consult. He seems more inclined to work within the parameters of your anatomy than to allow choice based on sizers, though he does ask you to clearly describe what look you are after. That was my experience anyway.
  10. I only just started at 5 ish months! Might seem a little long but before now it just felt too odd and uncomfortable. It wasn't painful though, so I probably could have tried earlier, but just didn't feel ready.
  11. At 5 months I'm just starting to notice them softening up and feeling more natural. 2 months ago they were still quite high and tight.
  12. I'm interested in this also. I wore an underwire strapless bra for the first time recently and it was a heinous experience lol. I wanted to get out of it the entire day.
  13. My surgeon has said I can do anything, however 5 ish months PO and I still am not back to normal at the gym, partially due to having lost strength but also because things like pushups just feel horrible, I don't know if thats a permanent thing or if I will get used to it eventually.
  14. I attempted to sleep braless one night but it was so much more uncomfortable than sleeping in a crop. I wear a stretchy Kmart ahh bra type thing at home and at night.
  15. So relieved! Honestly the best decision I've ever made for myself I got the same brand and profile implants, I am 166cm and 52kg. Sorry I haven't got any pictures up. Just a guess but are you going with Dr Connell? If so you will be absolutely thrilled with the results.
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