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  1. If sleeping on your back gives you a sore back try just rolling your legs onto the side, or even just one leg. I found that helped with comfort heaps before I could roll completely over.
  2. I'm just over 3 months post op now and still sleep with my pillow fort at about a 30 degree angle but I can roll over onto my side on the same angle. I don't think I'll ever sleep flat on my back as I never did before (was a tummy sleeper).
  3. Moving Comfort Jubra Lee for running bra - it is the only one I can wear and the girls don't move at all! Very high impact, no wire and most importantly for me, no buckle or anything on the strap where it puts pressure on the collar bone. For regular gym work and just around the house I wear Running Bear crops.
  4. Some photos of crescent lifts and implants here - they look great. wish I could have had a crescent lift but had to have lollipop. Strangely the scars don't bother me at all. http://www.southfloridaplasticsurgery.com/before-after-photos/breast-lift.html
  5. I can understand someone wanting a smaller implant. I had a lift and only wanted a small implant to provide some fullness to my boobs but not actually make them any bigger. got 275s and went up 2 cup sizes from a C to a DD. Wish I went smaller so whatever you do, make sure it's what you really want and stick to it. Definitely NO boob greed here :-)
  6. I found that those clear waterproof dressings helped me heaps in the early days. I left them on for a week at a time once my incisions were closed and barely any itching. Kept the scars flat and dry too. Some people may be allergic to the adhesive though so test first.
  7. I was never in pain or uncomfortable in my post op bra. I used the Lipoelastic brand and was measured up by a BreastCare WA nurse prior to my op. They are so comfy I still wear them as sleeping bras. Sounds like you may just need a bigger size.
  8. Good to hear it all went well for you Ali and that you're back on your bike so quickly.
  9. Hi @KittenLover Can you send me the link too? I have textured unders and would like to encourage them to drop a bit faster than they are. Wish I had known that info before the surgery grrrrr I would have gone smooths. I was told also that the boob on your dominant side will take longer to drop because the muscles are stronger so if you're right handed your right boob will take longer to drop. Thanks! And @Msmelbournian I was told it can take over 12 months for boobs to fully settle for some people as everyone is different. So hang in there and try not to stress too much. I also think they look great and it is difficult to have two perfectly symmetrical boobs.
  10. Same here! They look just what I hope mine will eventually look like, nice and natural and not like bolt-ons. I did have a lift with mine and it seems the nipples still point down a bit but as they drop the implant should settle into the lower pole and make the nipples look higher if that makes sense.
  11. Love those singlets! I hope I will feel confident enough one day to show off the cleavage once they drop. Im too self conscious about my neck wrinkles now! A good pair of boobs makes everything else look second hand lol.
  12. Oh I LOVE dobies! I found that a Halty worked well on my dobie ***** and she went from being a real puller to walking at heel very quickly with it and you don't need a lot of strength to control them with it either because it fits over their face not their chest.
  13. I'd like to know too so following. I'm actually buying higher necked but tight tops now to hide my décolletage area because my cleavage is so out there and still looks very fake. I'm not sure how to describe it but necklines like the pics below on tops look great and make my boobs look bigger than what they are. No cleavage though (Top pic is a bikini top from Sea Folly and the bottom two are from Guess)
  14. My Kindle. I was in Thailand on my own and 3 nights in hospital so TV wasn't an option. Probiotic capsules for my entire recover while I was on antibiotics to help digestion and bloating My phone so I could keep up with the forum and facebook my friends back home.
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