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  1. Hey I had my operation 3 weeks ago and when he was drawing on me he said "so you on snapchat" and I was like "yes, you can put me on snapchat Dr T" it was quite brutal looking back on it but I think it provides a really good insight into what went on in your operation. He will definitely ask you as I think he's really trying to make his snapchat big. Here is a screenshot of me on his snapchat
  2. What are you trying to say about my results? For the record, honey, if you saw my before pics my breasts were really tuberous and assymetrical, so for you to query the progress of them at 3 weeks post op shows how narrow minded you are! I love my $25,000 boobs that I payed upfront for!
  3. I had a device technologies one which my surgeon recommended and I found it too tight and so uncomfortable. I went and bought 2 CareFix bras from undiewarehouse.com.au and they are so much more nicer to wear. I believe the styles I got were Mona and Catia
  4. Just because your surgery was performed under general anaesthetic and in a hospital doesn't make it ok all of a sudden lol. If you wanted to go with a CS you should've just gone with your local GP! Also, if your choice to to with a CS strings from it being cheaper and more affordable, then you really shouldn't be having the surgery at all. If you can only afford a CS then what makes you think you can afford the revision all surgery needed to fix up his mistakes... Finally, don't expect good views and opinions regarding CS on this forum. Come on now!
  5. I had really bad asymmetry and my surgeon used different implants. 445cc and 375... And fat transfer to cleavage!
  6. @brisgirl81 will do. The Carefix ones are not cheap and I had no idea what size to get as they run by XS S M L etc and I had no idea what size to get. And the Marena also cuts into my underarm ?
  7. @brisgirl81 I'm wearing the Marena currently. It is so uncomfortable and mine is an E!!!! I've ordered some Carefix ones from the site sullengirl posted. Hopefully they're comfier
  8. Hey girls I'm looking for nice boutique lingerie websites or stores to start looking at buying some bras from. Anything besides Bras n Things and honey Birdette and the usual places! I don't mind paying a bit more if they're nice quality. Let me know below if you know of any nice places!
  9. @MermaidUnicorn a bit of both. I mentioned to the girls at Dr T's office that I might stay overnight so the option was there. Following my surgery he recommended that I stay overnight. Mind you my surgery was a 3.5 he tuberous correction! But yeah that IV in my arm was so painful and I take pain well! Are you going to stay overnight? In regards to icing, I did this the first few days and it made a difference. So definitely get a few icepacks!
  10. I'm 9 days post op and I've been sleeping on a few normal pillows as well as a U or boomerang pillow from Big W! It's really comfy. I would save your money and just go get a U pillow
  11. @sullengirl thankyou! I'm going to order some now because the one my surgeon gave me (Device Technologies) is so uncomfortable!
  12. Hey do you remember which styles of the Carefix range you wore? Thanks
  13. I didn't have drains but my IV was really bothering me. I spent the night in hospital so they gave me a drip and it was bothering me more than the pain from my boobs lol. I couldn't wait until it came out
  14. I had a lollipop lift! And my surgery was 7 days ago! It's all bandaged up so I can't see what it's looking like. I'm praying the scarring isn't bad
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