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  1. July here...still havent booked a surgeon for full face and neck lift with eyelids.....is anyone using Dr narupon, Boonchai or thanakom...and any reports on dr Rushapol...am so so onterested and nervous as well. am 54 from Tasmania (only have one head though!) thank goodness! lol
  2. cannot help, but trying to get any info about full face and neck lift with 4 eyelids.....so far cannot find much...Im 54 and wanting to use PIAC as it seems to have a brilliant reputation, however the Surgeons dont seem to have many current pics as they say women dont want there face seen etc....what have you heard?
  3. Hello all, am wAnting to book for a facelift, neck and eye lids top and bottom at PIAC in July 2015 am 54 years old and would just love to hear some reviews for above doctors . NIB wont cover facelifts but will for boob jobs......any advice gratefully appreciated...from Tasmania
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