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  1. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    I just couldnt stand it. I really think mine is the wrong size tho.. it ģave me such pain to wear... i couldnt breathe in properly! Only seen sam for a minute or two but he seemed very happy with my results this early so i think its not as common for them to be like this now as it is to be high and tight! Your pre op boobs didnt have any sag so they prob need time to stretch 😃 mine were already loose and deflated and all stretched out 😂😂 They said i didnt even need the tape anymore on my incision but if i wanted it on i could so i opted for that. Nurse said i can massage scar line with that cream when the tape falls off!
  2. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    haha yep that makes sense! I was deflated aswell so maybe that's why! (I was a d breastfeeding and when my milk came in I was bigger than my implants YEP I have both- long legs and long torso- I'm 5'11 so kinda long everywhere haha You look amazing! omg I'm going shopping tomorrow - I cant wait I had my post op appointment today I'm 12 dpo and dr said I look amazing and not to worry because they wont drop much from where they are now- he even said it dosent look like there is much swelling if any. Incisions are looking really good and ive been given the go ahead for swimming! Also thankfully I don't have to put the po bra back on- nurse said its so common that ladies give up with them and to do what I feel comfortable with,
  3. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Wow thats amazing! Ive been getting better by the day.. since i have ditched the post op bra ive had morning boob a lot less than i used to. My biggest problem now seems to be back pain and posture. Ive done something to my right collar bone and it hurts if i try to do normal things like driving.
  4. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    He is back next week im pretty sure
  5. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Can we change our own dressings? My appointment is next week as ps is on holidays.. i didnt want to go and just see the nurse again(seen her day after surgery- didnt tell me anything i didnt already know. Ill be 12 days po when i see ps next.
  6. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    I'm not sure if you post in threads that it stays private but it shouldn't come up in the overall gallery - only if someone looks on the actual thread....am I making sense ? lol sorry you go to the album and click . edit album and then privacy Heres me this morning. God I'm getting worried about how quick mine have dropped 😣 Out of curiosity- any of the fast d&f ladies go to gym? Im not a gym person...i went there once lol... im thinking my lack of upper body muscle is maybe why im dropping quicker. Hopefully it will stop sooner also 🤔 if you are starting a new gallery @Amanda0630 there should be an option as you are making an album to choose private also
  7. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    looking great hun!
  8. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    @Summerlovin they look a amazing and I'm so happy but I am a bit worried they look this good this early - like they will keep dropping or something I don't want them to drop too much! Although having said that they actually look lower in the pics because I cut of my torso...and I have a very long torso lol. @Wanting boobs my recovery is getting better by the day- I didn't have any Panadol at all the last two days. Still have morning boob but I'm moving around and doing things. I find it hard to get up from laying down position :/ still get some shooting pain doing that. My back however is sore- I must be hunching over a little. @Amanda0630 Ive been doing some lawn watering- even vacuumed my bedroom because I couldn't stand it anymore and yesterday afternoon I slept for 2 hours! It might just be the amount of time you're up and about for? @MrsR absolutely! I am so glad I just trusted Sam entirely and let him make the decision- I was so worried I wouldn't like teardrop either but boy am I SO glad I have them- I think the rounds would have dropped way too low on me. I'm only 7dpo and I'm annoyed at not doing things lol @Delafox I'm assuming the stiffness is normal- every time I lie still for any length of time it happens although it has at least reduced bit during the day!
  9. Should I or shouldn't i

    Sam will probably be fine with it- he seems pretty lax on the Post Op bra...I think because there is no solid evidence that they actually help! As long as you feel comfortable in it I would do it! That's been what Ive been doing
  10. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    me to hun, its the worst part at the moment- I tried reducing the pillows last night - I don't realise that I'm not moving all night so I wake up with sore hard boobs and stiff everywhere else! I have to lie in bed and do gentle stretches to help.
  11. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    @Wanting boobs @Amanda0630 Thankyou 😁 the worry is if they do drop too much they will sit too low 😣im told anatomicals dont move as much as change shape- i hope thats true! I had a bit of deflation to begin with so its probably why they didnt get the square shape too much 🤔
  12. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Wow! You look amazing 😁 This is one from today. . Bloating is finally starting to go away 😥 Anyone got rid of morning boob yet? Im still getting it regularly.
  13. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    the post op bras are so expensive for just a couple of days use?! Its so frustrating but I'm happy with the crop tops I bought- just enough support but they aren't crushing me and I can breathe! @Amanda0630 oh my gosh! I would be not happy with that, I was ready to have a shower the day of the op! Mine are textured but as wantingboobs said we were allowed to as our dressings are waterproof. @MrsR that's great I'm really happy with them too... I showed hubby for the first time yesterday (we had planned in advance that I wouldn't until I felt they looked good) @Wanting boobs I had a look today but the ones for post op were all the wrong size so had to go with these crops - they aren't bad tho!
  14. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    thanks @amanda0630 Hope everyone is doing well. I have had a vast improvement over the last two days its fantastic. I'm now 6dpo and have thrown my post op bra into the 'not going to happen' pile... I tried again last night to put it back on and it just put so much pressure and burned my incisions.... I'm not sure if maybe they got the size too small but I cant stand the thing. I asked the nurse and she gave me the okay to use other sports type no underwire bras... the one I have on at the moment isn't great but feels so much better! So far I'm okay with my size. I'm actually hoping I might lose a bit of size through d &f but if I don't, I can live with them being on the bigger side. They don't look big in pictures but in real life they are massive! Post op bra is a size E Really looking forward to sleeping flat - I'm going shopping today for a comfy bra in hopes the support will help with this
  15. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    5 Days po... ditched the post op bra- it was so uncomfortable! my nipples seem a tad low- its like the crease/incision line is dragging them down! but I'm pretty sure when they drop this is fixed?