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  1. Any tall girls out there?

    Thanks so much for the responses! @ayesha79 did you have much tissue to start with? My surgeon favors anatomical implants but I would prefer rounds.. he said mine would look more bolt on even though we were looking at dual plane placement. @TheFox do you think if you were a size 12 that your implants would feel more comfortable for normal clothing? I have a smaller waist but big hips and shoulders - usually i just wear tank tops or t shirts and jeansπŸ˜‚
  2. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    @Wanting boobs thats so close! I bet your excited ☺☺ Just wondering if anyone has started preping for after sugery? As in shopping for things or planning what you might need? I really dont want to be bored even though ill probably be distracted with being comfy and pain free πŸ˜‚... ive burned through all my tv series this week because of a bad flu I was thibking about checking out the bookstore and buying a new pillow. I havent given it too much thoughtπŸ˜‚ Im thinking xmas shopping will happen very soon and i want to put up the xmas tree with my little boy before surgery 😁
  3. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    They look really good size! I have very similar frame to you but a bit more curvy in the hips and thighs- im thinking 500cc
  4. Any November 2017 girls?

    Sounds like an amazing experience! I hope mine goes so smoothly im the same under anesthetic..had a few colonoscopies and everyone in the recovery room is spewing in to bags...meanwhile im stuffing my face πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Any November 2017 girls?

    Wow ! Good luck!!
  6. Hi ladies, im getting ba in nov and im looking at sizing and profiles. Im a size 12-14 177cm and about 66kgs ... im wondering what cc and profiles the taller ladies went with as im thinking my body may swallow up the ccs and make me look small!! I was reccomended 450cc as a conservative size with the option to go bigger if i would like. I have a 13bwd Did anyone find the vectra images helpful or way off? Any pics or advice appreciated!
  7. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    They looks great😁
  8. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Im lucky in a way. . I dont know anyone that has had ba and i havent really told anyone except for one friend and my mum and sister (so no one to talk me out of anything haha!) I think they look good @jinx369 - if i didnt have a high impact sport I would be looking at this size. @Wanting boobs how did you find the vectra images did they make the size and profile choices easier?
  9. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Oh the size conundrum 😣 I REALLY dont want to go to small... After seeing your rice sizers @jinx369 im thinking 450cc is very conservative for me since I am almost 6ft tall with hips and butt. I will try on some different sizers at the next consult and hopefully the vectra images will help decide also.
  10. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Anyone keen on starting a list for dates? @elleg 29th Nov @jinx369 I know your not in Nov hun but please feel free to put your date in @Wanting boobs @Summerlovin I think i have missed someone?
  11. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Welcome! how did you find dual plane recovery? Im looking at dual plane rounds 450-500cc (still considering size πŸ€—)
  12. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    πŸ˜‚ its always good to see before an afters ! I only need to look at my before pics to see why im getting a ba! @jinx369 the rice sizers make me want to go real big πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. How do i add photos to my album

    I added to the gallery and then you can choose the audience you want- i.e private public or friends
  14. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    @jinx369 stay forever! The more the merrier! Its nice to talk to ladies going through the same journey - ive noticed the response rate on posting on this forum has really dropped off from the last time i was on here so its great to be able to chat with you all For me its really been a more recent decision- i started looking in to ba in 2015 but I had to really think about the reasons i wanted it done. I was always happy with what I had and didnt really care too much about the change after i had a baby but the last few years ive been feeling a bit self conscious about myself. I havent been to the beach in years and i havent worn a bikini in about 10 years! Id love to be happier in my own skin to let me get out and enjoy life! I havent made any post op purchases! I have no idea what size or where to buy the post op bras! I feel so underprepared! My mum is taking my son for 4 days after op so me and hubby can relax and he can look after me😁 I wouldnt worry at all! DR C seems very conservative- he is all about the natural look... if anything im worried he will give me too natural looking boobs! It almost sounds like they are a little jealous and trying to make you go smaller ??
  15. Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    oh thats fantastic! Thankyou 😊 I have been a bit worried he did not want to do them for what ever reason! Im glad its what you wanted to go with 😘