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    app booked dr connell
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  1. Id like to know too. Im bringing hubby, im sure they are used to patients bringing someone along.. good to have a second person to discuss with after anyway
  2. Which surgeon in Perth?

    Thanks! Im excited and a bit nervous! - is there anything I should bring with me or sort out before consult? I read somewhere a lady wore a padded bra to the consult and couldnt try the sizers on so I want to be super prepared. Ive started saving some pics of goal boobies to show him what im after as i want a bit more of a fake look 😂
  3. Which surgeon in Perth?

    Ive booked consult for next week with cunneen
  4. Hi All, I know this is an older thread but I wanted to add myself in- I have my consult next week- very excited! Ive added you on insta Bstar79 How did everyone's surgery go?
  5. Understand or Overs

    Im hoping i can have overs only due to recovery time. Im broad shouldered and have some breast tissue to work with (small c). Deflated after breast feeding and a bit of sag happening. Did you fmdine they sit low or are the better being overs? Do you have any pics if possible? Thanks
  6. Which surgeon in Perth?

    Thankyou. They are pretty similar in price to dr Cunneen so if the consult goes well I think i might stick with him Thankyou. Im thinking the same. Sounds like a safer bet
  7. Which surgeon in Perth?

    Makes it hard because i dont want to waste thier time or mine if i dont like their results! Guess dr watts is out then! I can get in with Dr cuneen in this week or next for a consult. I am just waiting for hubby to confirm time off and ill book. There was the cosmetique place with dr niro sivanathan. I couldnt find anyone that had been through him BUT i think he may have worked at TCI over east. The only reason I considered them is because they are much cheaper ... sadly it is a factor for us.
  8. Which surgeon in Perth?

    I actually went back and had a look at his Instagram and changed my mind haha now I'm thinking Sam Cunneen might be the one! I think all the bright lighting after op photos are never really the best. I know November seems really soon but I've been on and off looking at getting a BA done for so long now that I just want to book it in asap before I let the money factor change my mind Its so confusing knowing who to choose. So far I have considered; Guy Watts - Sam cunneen- Mark lee- Cary Kailis Mark I couldn't actually find any before and afters although I have heard very good things. Kailis has good results but only a CS. Guy seems to have pretty good results but relatively new to Perth (when I was looking previous years his name never came up) After chatting to the lady at Dr Cunneens office I feel like a consult with him will be my first option. So excited! Thank so much! I'm not sure if I need anything extra as I'm wondering weather I would need a lift. After scouring many, many before and afters I'm confident I don't need one but its always a little worrying. I'm after a moderately fake look - I'm thinking about high profile or xhp implants. My stats are 177cm , 70kgs- currently c cup. Any thoughts on textured implants as opposed to smooth?
  9. BA Perth

    Interested in dr niro also
  10. Which surgeon in Perth?

    Im in the same looking stage too! Im aiming for late nov early dec ba if possible. I really like the look of dr kailis results but concerned about him only being a cs rather than ps. Also Guy Watts and Mark lee. I looked at cuneen but the results on his website didnt appeal to me...im sure there are some ladies here with amazing results though. Id love to see before and afters or experiences too I have to book my consult soon but its a hard decision. Another name ive received is Dr Niro Sivanathan from Cosmetique. I searched but cant find any info
  11. Hello, Im back again.... ive been on here since 2015 and still havent had a ba yet I really want to have it done but for one reason or another ive put it off over and over... (scared of recovery time, money, borderline lift worries, having a 3 year old to deal with!) Ive finally made the decision to have it done. I was told through a photo only consult i was borderline lift which added and extra worry for me because I really dont want a lift. Im almost 6ft tall around 73 kgs so if i had to go bigger i could probably carry it well but I dont want to be restricted by huge boobs. Ive looked into a few perth surgeons and ive noticed a few new ones pop up since i last looked! Also the prices are getting better which is positive but id love to hear some experiences from clients! Also if anyone has been borderline lift and went with ba only id love to hear your experiences Thank So much
  12. Hi Ladies! Im currentley looking at surgeons for my BA and have heard Dr Kailis is very good- can anyone reccomend him? Feel free to fr me if you want to share results! He seems very affordable and Ive heard her prefers doing larger implants which is what im after ( E cup) Also if anyone can explain the difference (in relation to results) of over the muscle and under the muscle that would be great- im borderline lift so anything that will prevent sag however im really wanting some sideboob/ upper pole!! Thanks so much
  13. New boobies out on show

    You look amazing! Dont let them get you down! - definitley jealous - do you have to wear post op bra still? How are you feeling going out soon aftet ba?
  14. Did you have your orginal surgery with dr connell? Im waiting for my appointment with him atm and im worried i will be talked out of going bigger-(i dont want massive just noticable difference!) Is the gap due to your pre op siuation or is it common to have this? (Sorry im not much help!) I would definitley ring to discuss - a revision so soon you would think they would reduce the cost. I hope it works out this way!
  15. Perth plastic surgeons !?

    Has anyone seen dr Cuneen results?