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    BA Anatomical Dual Plane 545cc
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    Sugery booked 29th November 17
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  1. elleg

    Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    I have got one bra but the crops are enough until I can afford some bras. Getting softer all the time but still firmer than I thought they would be at this stage. Seem to be getter bigger! There seems to be a lot of girls with the lopsided thing. They will even out!
  2. elleg

    Finally it happened to me!

    Congratulations! Look fantastic already ☺ can wait to hear your updates 😆😆
  3. elleg

    Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Not much has changed for me lately- still havent been wearing post op bra although i am now over 6 wpo- stuck with my crop tops. here is a good boob day pic Ive cut a few shirts- has so many cheap tops so im not too concerned about trashing them 😂
  4. elleg

    Dr Sam Cunnen - BA

    Yes, ive had sam aswell. Really happy with them 😃 -i wanted a bit more obvious look- i have hp 545cc anatomical dual plane.
  5. elleg

    New bras etc....

    I had some issues with the po bra being so bloody tight that i bought 6 crop tops to alternate with at about 5 dpo. My ps said it was fine and i still alternate. I bought a new bikini and bra at 4 weeks post op. I wore the bikini yesterday to the beach (nurse said i could go swimming at 2 wpo). Im 5 weeks now.
  6. elleg

    Bad day today

    Omg! Hope you are feeling a bit better now :/ maybe Sam can give a bit of advice when this type of thing happens what to look out for if there is an issue so we know when to worry and when its ok. Rest up x
  7. elleg

    Overdone it ? :(

    I managed it the last few nights alternating between back and side sleeping. Still not 100% but seems to be getting better each day
  8. elleg

    Overdone it ? :(

    Thanks everyone, im now a bit over 4 weeks and feeling a bit better. I think i get a little bit of swelling back under my arms when i do too much. I tried to go shopping and trying on bikinis as i had a voucher and they had a sale... after that i was a bit sore but feeling much better today. Looking forward to wearing a proper bra 😁 Im only wearing post op bra at night and stretchy crop during the day.
  9. elleg

    Overdone it ? :(

    I'm a bit over three weeks and Ive had a bad couple of days. I have had some sore and burning feelings in my left breast and every time I try to get back to living a normal life (as in folding washing- bending to put dishes away- watering the plants) I suffer for it. I am not lifting anything heavy but I'm still getting this annoying pain which I didn't have a few days ago. Its realty frustrating as I need to get back to at least half of what I used to do Has anyone else had similar experience- its starting to really annoy me and I'm pretty sure hubby is over it as well.
  10. Do you mind if i ask what type of implant you had?
  11. elleg

    Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Omg shaving armpits is almost impossible 😂😂
  12. elleg

    Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    I have times when i feel almost back to normal and then i scratch my back or lift my arms in a funny way and then i feel a bit of pain 😯 i find it hard getting out of bed - getting up and down is hard!
  13. elleg

    Nov 17 Boobies 😍

    Ok hopefully it will all work out in time. With cc and rotation fears any small thing makes me worry 😣 Im still 3 weeks off. Only just tried out my po bra again because i wanted to side sleep and though having a bit more pressure might help hold into place.
  14. Not too bad- pain wise its ok just uncomfortable and the swelling annoyed me 😂 Id say day 3 -4 was the worst but its been pretty easy since then. A bit uncomfortable sleeping. But it gets better as you go.