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  1. Thankyou! I don't think I have any swelling or fluid but if rather be safe than sorry. The pain is very minor but it's kind of like a burning sensation and it's in both breasts although one more than. The other. I actually thought it could be a regeneration type of pain because I used to have a numb section near my incisions but now I have very minor feeling in Those areas. The pain is similar to what I had in the months after op.
  2. Thankyou. I'm wondering if it's possible to get an MRI or ultrasound referral rather than go back to the surgeon..
  3. Hi girls, I had my surgery about two years ago almost. I went for anatomical mentor textured and have had a rotation on my right side however it does go back and forth between right way up and god-knows-what- I have not seen my surgeon about this. When I booked my appointment it went back into place right before so I cancelled it and have kinda tried to forget about it. The last week or so I've has some minor pains in both breasts but moreso my left and it's starting to worry me. It seems to radiate a bit down the inside of my left arm. I have had a numbers on the underside o
  4. It happens every two or three days. Mainly because I don't care anymore and i just do normal things like lifting and gardening . . It frustrating. I'm also feeling general terrible and can't sleep very well with them. More trouble than all the pain and money ? I'd rather feel healthy and comfortable. I regret getting them.
  5. I had mine done with Sam. I also have rotation on right breast. Apart from that I have desired results although i think if I had my time again I wouldn't do it. The rotation pops back and forth all the time. So one day it will be around the wrong way and the next it falls back into place. I have pics on my profile if you want to see just ad me
  6. It does feel pretty much back to normal. The thing is now I'm looking for a problem I will always see a slight difference (which was there prior to surgery!) Mine haven't changed much until now but this is probably the first bit of real tension on my arm ?
  7. Thanks ?im a bit relieved that it seems to have gone back into place but I'm very aware now I need to be super careful. I have a 8 month old staffy. He is a little keg on legs and loves his toys. You can grab one and he will hang on to it and won't let go so you end up swinging him around with his weight on the end of it. Must have been enough to open up and make the implant shift ? I have lifted many things like hay bales and boxes(never had an issue) as I'm over a year now I thought that would be ok but obviously not. I did stipulate that I ride horses and need to use my upper body. I don't
  8. @Stemschickysorry it wouldn't let me untag you! Lol Took another pic this morning... It seems to have gone back to almost where it was... I don't know what on earth is going on but I've posted another photo on my profile ? Hubby said it's definitely way different to yesterday.
  9. I can see what you mean I have boobs ? mine is looking more oval shaped than round at the moment ? Does anyone have any idea about going from dual plane anatomical to rounds? If it were a straight swap that would be a little better to deal with. I'm wondering weather the comfort would be different with a squishy implant ? I'm not sure I really want to go back to him either ? @Stemschicky I never had pain as such but discomfort dull prodding sensations. When I first had them done it felt like Cottonwool moving around inside ... It was a not very nice feeling.
  10. That's really awful. Is your revision going to be covered at all by Medicare? It makes me mad that we didn't choose a cheap cosmetic surgeon. He is a plastic surgeon! I really wanted rounds because I hAve had immediate family member that died of cancer at a young age and the risk of lymphoma was worrying. he was very keen on the anatomical... He let me make the choice but made them sound so much better and even said he had never had a rotation. I'm thinking perhaps that wasn't true ? Until today I haven't had any issues except for discomfort side sleeping which I assumed
  11. Its heartbreaking especially when we all trusted the advice and thoughts on everything to realise that we are now all having issues. I'm trying to think positive. Thanks @sabP it's really worrying! I don't want to jump to conclusions but I'm feeling very upset.
  12. That's not a very good way to treat a patient. Its always a worry after you have paid them the big bucks how they treat you if something does go wrong (especially considering it appears to be surgeon error) . I really hope for your sake that they sort this out for you! I'm so worried I think I may chicken out and cancel my appointment ? part of me just wants to pretend there is nothing wrong. Its not immediately noticeable but there is a flat spot and more rounded at the top. ? I can feel something like an edge near my nipple so that definitely shouldnt be there.
  13. Hi Hun, what was your revision surgery for originally? I have same surgeon and after 12 months I now have what looks like a rotation. Was your revision surgery covered (as I was also promised that if I did have a rotation he would cover the cost)
  14. ? holy crap that's not what I want to hear. I have an appointment next week. Really horrible for it to happen before Xmas. I'm sorry to hear about your complications! I looked up so many of his clients and never found anything negative. Now I'm starting to worry!!
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