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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Phil Richardson - 19th December 2015
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    56kg - 164cm - preop 10C. 420cc rounds - dual plane

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  1. Hey ladies, I'm almost 3 weeks PO! I had 420cc unders with Dr.Richardson in Brisbane. Im feeling great, mobile, no real pain - all is well... Except I have no feeling in my right nipple / boob! The left is fine - still obviously sensitive and healing, but the right one can only feel pressure, no actual sensation of touch..:( Is this normal? Starting to get concerned!
  2. Hi ladies! Sorry, I went back to work this week wahh so Havnt been on the forum so much! If you go through The breast Institute, he uses Nagor I'm assuming it would be the same at his private clinic - but you never know! Have you checked their website? Could be on there?
  3. OMG 'titspiration' that's effing brilliant! I laugh because I also had two secret Pinterest boards... 'Racks I like' and 'Racks I dont like'... ahahah ??
  4. I'm in the same boat as the girls above. Had surgery with Dr.R at Northlakes on the 19th - looking and feeling great! Couldn't be happier. I curiously asked him about Brazilions as I wanted to know what they were - he is not keen on them, il tell you that much haha! I can't fault his professionalism or willingness to answer any of my questions! My first consult he was a little distant and vague, but I went back for a second to clear up any questions and felt completely at ease and 100% satisfied with my choice. good luck!
  5. I secretly wondered this too! I'm actually feeling so great at the moment - I was horrified to find myself on my stomach the other night even! I quickly turned myself over, but sleeping is proving much easier - I'm sleeping flat and on my back and side with ease! I was concerned with my numb / sore nipples though - so whilst I feel for you, glad I'm not the only one haha!
  6. I had 2 titanium rods right through the length of my spine, with cross bars and screws put into my back 5 years ago to correct severe scoliosis. since then i usually have some mild back pain here and there but nothing severe. After my BA on Saturday I have been in a world of pain.. I went from the panadeine forte, to endones, and now these 50mg Durogesic patches that they give to cancer patients for pain! It's all making me feel terribly sick and I have Valium and anti nausea medicine to go along with it! walking into this I really didn't think my back issues would cause such a fuss, but I think like Katewell said, we are so tight that any pre existing back issues you might have are amplified by the tightness of our muscles . I can 100% empathise with you right now, and am hoping its not long until the tightness and pain subsides. I hope you are recovering well otherwise xx
  7. oh Pagey I am so sorry you had this experience! My instincts on not going with him based on the excitement of a first consult served me well then! funny how with me he refused to discuss details, but with you he told you that YOU should have known better? That's disgusting - I'm mad for you! Was this through esteem studio? That's where i had my consult with him - thoigh I no longer see any mention of him on their website? Can you take action against them to recoup some of the costs of revision? I believe they have other plastic surgeons that operate out of their interstate offices? keep us updated! Xx
  8. How long did you ladies wait before starting these? I am like a spider that's just been hit with Moretein - all shrivelled up! Lol i have a really really bad back so hopefully these provide some releif! Thanks ladies x
  9. Oh I'm glad im not alone then! I can't wait to shower, but still a bit confused about it. Hospital said not for 24hrs but keep incisions and dressings dry, but my post op info from the breast institute says I can shower fully after 48hrs, just need to hairdryer the incisions completely afterwards... What have you ladies been doing? I don't have a detachable shower head so could be tricky keeping them dry!
  10. oh my lord I'm so glad im not alone here! I had surgery yesterday and honestly feelike a fat shapeless mess! The swelling below my boobs hurts more than my actual boobs I swear! i undid my post op bra earlier for the first time, the release of pressure the bra offers made me feel quite sick and I quickly zipped it up again! Is this normal? I'm so scared to take it off to shower tomorrow!
  11. Hey ladies I just found this thread! are you icing through your post op bra? I can't feel the cool through the bra unless I do just the top part. Any tips? :)
  12. i haven't taken my crop off yet either - don't know if I'm game! I Can't shower until 7am tomorrow - I feel so gross, which is ridiculous because I havnt done anything other than lay around lol! I really want to peek at them! my post op documents say I can shower but just make sure to dry the dressings with a hair dryer, but the hospital told me not to get the wet at all... Confused!
  13. I'm trawling this thread too, and really like the look of that scoop neck Marena! this is probably a silly question, but how do I know what size I am? Who. Can fit me for sizing? I only had my BA today so I'm not ready to hit up bras and things or anything! Thanks for all the info ladies xx
  14. Oh poor you Msmelbournian though im glad to hear I'm not alone, makes coping with the rods easier haha. ah I wish I had endones I always found they targeted my back pain much better than anything else. Both of you ladies are right about the sitting up part - it does help! Though it ether straight upright like you said or flat laying down, there's no inbetween for me because I can't curve! Perhaps il ask when they call me tomorrow what they suggest and then get my GP to write the script because it's closer. Thanks for the advice ladies! I don't know what I would do without this forum. Freak out about everything no doubt!xx ?
  15. Hi ladies, Repost as I accidentally posted in the wrong forum! I had had my BA This morning at 7am. Feeling fine from the surgery itself and the pain is really manageable around the incisions with only a little pressure. The panadeine Forte prescribed is doing just fine for this. Unfortunately I had spinal surgery 5 years ago and have two long titanium rods and screws through the length of back - used to straighten a 65 degree curve.. Both surgeon and hospital were made aware of this and were only concerned about my ability to lay flat etc which is all good. I do however now have stabbing referred pain into the left side of my back immediately behind my chest the panadeine forte isn't cutting it, and never has with my back problems. should I be contacting my surgeon or going to my local GP? Not sure what to do, it really sucks because boob wise, I'm feeling great! thanks ladies xx
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