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  1. Hi Bunnykins, I have pip as well and my revision is on thurs! I have a small rupture but had them over 10 years. Once I knew the MRI results (rupture) I wanted them out immediately. I have round 185cc overs now which gave me a small d. And the lovely Dr Miroshnik will be doing the revision (not original surgeon). They will be in the 300s and anatomicals, sub f. They were going to be mentors but because of higher risk of cap c we might be changing to Brazilians. I'm just relieved to know I'll have safer boobs and trust his work is amazing. I've loved my boobs and been really happy with them up to now. I'm in the nervous but excited stage now x :)

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      Hi girls, I had my first implants done with Peter Wickham in 2006 and I'm not sure what implants I had...  Had them redone in 2009 with Dr Terence Scamp (wonderful) but now with all the implant illness news coming out and quite a few health problems I have I'm worried what I had in my body for almost 4 years...  How are your implants/health now after having the PIP?

  2. Hey hun Just wondering if you could MSG me about implants and pregnancy as I am currently 5 months along and 7 months post op and They are huge now but also getting streth marks. Just hoping on a bit of Insite ;) x

  3. I got 420g anatomicals. I was a small A before and now I'm measuring a 6F. Which isn't that big BTW... It's what I thought a DD looked like!
  4. I got 420g anatomicals and went from an A to an F cup. I'm happy with the size but can't imagine being any bigger. It's hard enough to find a bra as it is!
  5. Hi girls... It's been a while but I thought I would post because I found a great bra today and I thought I would share. I've lost quite a bit of weight since my revision in May which means some of the bras that I bought are too big. I've gone from a 12E to a 10F to now a 8F/6F. I went to a local bra shop today and found a great bra. It's the Deco Moulded Plunge Bra by Freya. For all your girls that want a bra to centralise your boobs I would recommend trying this one on. My boobs at usually fairly far apart and this bra really brings them together without "push-up" padding. It like "hello cleavage!!". The straps are nice and wide so it's comfortable. The band also has 3 hooks so is supportive. Apparently it's one of Freya's most popular styles. http://www.freyalingerie.com/lingerie/essentials/deco/underwired_moulded_plunge_bra.aspx?colour=nude
  6. Hiya bunnykins, sent u a fr if u don't mind Your posts are great :)

  7. Heyhun, i am about 10 weeks post op & having a baby haha how's that for timming! Just wondering if you could give me any advice as to keeping the implant as good as possible. I would like 2 kiddies I think so I will wait to get them re done over there. I had 500cc put into me as I was a B cup. I really don't want to go any bigger but if I had to 100cc max. After kids and Brest feeding are they significantly different? Is it just your breast skin that sags? Or the implant needs to be changed? Cause I would like to get away with just having a dount (areola lift) if anything was needed or is a bigger implant the way to go? I thought you had before and after pictures but I can't see them Thank you xxx

  8. Thanks!! That was helpful!! I'll get the smaller band with Freya and will risk it with the Panache suit (don't have a larger size on sale). This is the store in case you are interested!! http://stores.ebay.co.uk/BELLE-LINGERIE?_trksid=p4340.l2563

  9. Hi Bunnykins :) Freya seem pretty true to size across their bra range, but be really careful with swimwear... I just bought a heap of Panache swimwear {luckily is was on sale} grrr, I need GG in their swimwear cups and bought G's {like I would in their bras} and they are a little tight :( but hubby seems to think I can "pull it off" lol. I'm a 6G in the Freya range, though in saying that, I haven't tried their swimwear yet! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!

  10. Hi there. Just a question.... Are all the Freya bra's that you have bought the same size? I tried one on and an 8FF fit me. I want to order some swimwear off eBay so I'm just trying to figure out what size I'll need. Ta BK xx

  11. I went into David Jones the other day and they did not have a one black t-shirt bra in a 10F. Definitely no good for larger sizes. I've been to BnT or Myer so far. What I really want now though is a bra that isn't so rigid in the cups. I swear the bras makes them look massive. It would be good for them to look a bit more natural at times but still have some support.
  12. I had 9 days between consult and surgery because I wanted my PIP's out and that was the next available time.
  13. I actually think there is more to it than "boobie greed". When I was pregnant and breastfeeding my boobs got significantly larger than before and I hated them. They had no shape and were just big. I had to wear a bra all the time and they just felt floppy. I wanted them gone!!! Fast forward to my revision and I'm 100% happy with having large boobs. I'm now a 10F and love that they are firm and perky, no bra required. I was never of the mindset "bigger of better" - first time I only went up to a C cup myself. This time I thought I'd be a D but ended up bigger (not complaining now). Basically I think the experience of having large real breasts can be completely different to the experience of having large augmented breasts, which is why women have different perspectives. That said if you have enough of your own I would just lift or reduce to the size you a comfortable so that you don't have to worry about the "upkeep" of implants.
  14. Hi Millchops I saw James Katsaros in Adelaide (plastic surgeon) for my revision and I'm very happy with the outcome. Nothing against cosmetic surgeons but for my first BA I saw a cosmetic surgeon and ended up with PIP implants. I decided to go with James Katsaros because a couple of my friends had used him and he had never used PIP's for any of his patients. I think he did a better job with the incisions, they have healed a lot better than the first time. I'll add you as a friend so that you can see my pics. I suggest that you ask each Dr for an itemised quote so that you can see where the costs differ. Edited to add: By the way James Katsaros has his own day surgery so no overnight stay is required. BK xo
  15. Hey there! You've definitely come to the right place. Many of us are here because we were unhappy with the breasts nature gave us so please don't feel embarrassed. There have been some previous threads on this which I have copied below. I'm sure some of the other ladies will have some good advice for you! http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?2746-Tubular-Breast-Syndrome-(&highlight=tubu%2A http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?2345-Please-Please-Please-Help-Advice-needed-on-Tubular-Breast-Correction&highlight=tubu%2A http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?2116-Tubular-breasts&highlight=tubu%2A http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?2913-Tuberous-Breasts-(&highlight=tuber%2A http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?481-Tuberous-Breasts-Help!&highlight=tuber%2A BK xo
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