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    After losing 20kg I've gone from a full E-cup to a sadly deflated and miserable C cup, and after working hard for a good body I can't help but feel as self conscious as ever because of my non-existent boobies :(

    I'm currently checking out Dr Boonchai. I'm after a nice natural tear-drop shape. I still have a bit of breast tissue, but I have no volume in my chest anymore. I'm probably BL borderline, but I would prefer to go ahead with the lift and not regret it later

    Thanks xx
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    172, 70kg, 12D (deflated and no volume!)
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  1. I'm going alone on the 2nd of July, I would LOVE a boob buddie!!
  2. I'm booked in for a BA/BL with Dr Narupon on the 3rd of July I'll keep you updated with how I go!
  3. I'm booked in with Dr Narupon on the 3rd of July I booked straight through the hospital, couldn't have been easier! They're so helpful and they respond to emails super quick. Cannot wait!
  4. They look amazing!!! I will be stoked if mine turn out like yours I'm the same, I actually prefer a little bit of a gap between them without a bra on... looks much more natural! What placement did you end up going with? And did you go by yourself or with someone? I'm going by myself in July, so I'm trying to suss out what hotel I should stay at (in the hopes that there will be someone else there I can chill out with by the pool)
  5. How's your recovery going Karajd??
  6. I'm booked in July 3rd with Dr N What are you getting Boo226?
  7. Thanks for the advice Cathy! x
  8. Such a fashionable bra they provide you with... my Nan would be so proud I hope everything is going smoothly for you! Would love to see some progress pictures when you're well xxx
  9. Yay how exciting!!! I'm dreaming about being able to wear a tank top braless without the sag, and laying down without my chest going completely flat! It's the little things really. Keep me updated with your consultation and decision
  10. Hi Bettyboobs! What surgery are you thinking of getting?? I just booked my surgery directly through Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, and it could not have been easier! The staff are soo professional and they reply super quick. Save yourself a few hundred dollars and just book directly through the hospital
  11. Hey girls! Just thought I would start up a new topic for anyone getting surgery in June/July! The other topics for the other months seem popular, and it's great seeing everyone helping each other out and sharing the excitement of their new additions! I'm going to Phuket in July (first week of July), having surgery with Dr Narupon. I'm having a BA/BL, hoping to get nice perky DD boobs with a bit of 'natural droop'. I used to be DD but after losing 20kg they are now looking more like deflated balloons I'm also travelling solo, so a surgery buddy going at the same time would be incredible. Anyway, hope theres some of you out there! xxx
  12. How exciting!!! Did you get a BL too? And are you over there solo or with a friend? Sorry about the questions, I just want to do as much research as possible before July
  13. My friend had a BA/BL with Dr Witoon last year and she could not be happier with her results! She needed a complete reconstruction (even at the age of 24 with no children), and he did a great job. But if you're thinking of booking with him, don't bother going through Destination Beauty.. just book directly through the hospital. You'll save heaps, and booking directly is super easy and straight forward. I've just booked my surgery there with Dr Narupon in July, and it has been soo straightforward and the correspondents have been soo helpful. Goodluck with your decision!
  14. Hi Karajd88! I'm booked into PIAC in July for a BA/BL with Dr Narupon too! Please let me know how your surgery goes! I'm also going solo, and I have a few mixed emotions at the moment. xx
  15. Hi cj27! I ended up booking with Dr Narupon. I have just sent him some updated photos (I've lost quite a bit of weight since December when I first sent my photos), so I'm eager to see what he recommends! When is your surgery? Good luck!
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