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  1. Your boobs look awesome in your avatar pic!
  2. Thanks ladies! What is dual plane placement?
  3. I'm wondering if anyone has had recent BAsurgery in Phuket and can confirm the cost of their surgery? Just checking prices on the website of Bangkok Hospital Phuket ando they appear higher than the Aud $3600-4000 I have seen posted elsewhere. Closer to aud 4500-5500?!
  4. Dr Made Ita used to work at ARC but has now set up her own practice next door to ARC in Seminyak. I have read very good reviews about her. Her website is below. Thanks for your recommendations :-) http://www.drmadeita.com/
  5. Hi ladies, What does a unit in botox mean? I want to get some just above my eyeybrows (i get little crinkles when i raise my brows). What would a unit be equivalent to? Thanks
  6. MissBonnie, Where in Bali do you go? I have an appointment with Dr Made Ita in December for fillers and perhaps some botox. This will be my first time doing this in Bali. Can I ask what you had done specifically and costing? Jme x
  7. He will be the person I go to when I next have fillers done. I went to absolute cosmetic and was so very unhappy with the results! I have lumps and a blue tinge under my eyes where the filler has pooled!! I look worse than before!! I went to have a consult with Dr Imani regarding Rhinoplasty and asked about fillers. He seemed so much more knowledgeable and told me what the source of the problem was rather than just going along with what I asked for. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Hi, What Dr posts are you referring too? I can't see them on this thread. I had the Canula and I thought it was rubbish as the filler has pooled just above my cheek bone. If it is done properly, there shouldnt be any blue tint. Such a disappointment!!!
  9. Hi, I recently g Had dermal filler (Restylane) injected under my eyes as I begun to notice a slight hollowing effect from lack of volume and it annoyed me. I had 1ml total injected and am not pleased with the results! I can see and feel the filler has lumped under one eye in my tear trough and I have a slight blue line along the trough. Makes me look tired! Has anyone else experienced this? I have read that filler needs to be layered under the eyes and placed much deeper than the rest of the face due to the thin nature of skin around the eyes. $1000 down the drain!,
  10. I have had my consult with Dr Imani and I'm happy with him. He is one of the only plastic surgeons that ONLY performs rhinoplasty. All the rest do noses, boobs, etc etc. Plus as an ENT he has an understanding about the underlying structure of the nose and what can go wrong when u are a surgeon that doesn't have this knowledge. He specializes in rhino and has written peer reviewed articles on such. I have seen his work and I trust him. Plus he isn't pushy.
  11. Hi all, A few months back there were some members discussing the merits of the main PS in Perth that perform rhino. Has anyone had their appointment and/or surgery yet? If so, who with and how did the experience go? I am to meet with dr Imani this Friday for an initial consult.
  12. Oh no! What did he do to you Misstanyataylor if you don't mind me asking?
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