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  1. I wore another sports bra over or under my compression and found that helped sooo much . Mine only lasted a week .. I can sleep on my side now I'm at week 3
  2. Zelda I had the same recovery no pain no pain killers . I also got 390cc and I am 2 week post op and feel like they have gotten massive in the last few days !!
  3. Krittie


    My pre op instructions stated no alcohol 3 days prior and one week post
  4. I opted for a zip up jumper it was so cold last week at night when I left the hospital and I was glad I did . I just wore a normal shirt in and left in my compression bra and zip up.
  5. Thank you ladies ! Is it too early to start moisturising I really don't want to get to stretchy and everything is so tight and hard atm! I feel like all I want to do is sleep sleep sleep ... And then when I get up they are SOOO heavy Thanks for your insight I defiantly appreciate it !!
  6. I feel good very tired and naseous after I eat .. The last few hours my boobs have gotten really hard . How long did you take the pain killers for ?
  7. Oh I am glad because it makes everything very tender
  8. Oh thank you ab1990 I can't believe how bruised I am especially in between my boobs I was so boney there before so I guess that's why
  9. I have overs . Did the painkillers make you groggy ?
  10. Did you go over or under ? I am not painless by any means however I was expecting to be like immobile and unable to use my arms however I have just found anything to do with my chest is sore
  11. So I am day one post op , the pain is way less then I imagined I have slept a lot and find its all I want to do .. I am really really bruised I was just wondering how long this bruising normally lasts ?
  12. Hi ! I am booked in for tomorrow , the feed back I have heard has been amazing ! And the service so far has been exceptional !
  13. Krittie


    I am booked in for Monday the 11th and I have allowed 1 week off however I have adjusted my work load for the first week to not be to full on - despite being a desk job I knew I probably mentally may be a bit dopey still as others had suggested to me . Good luck with your recovery !!!
  14. I'm really hoping it gets moved forward I met a girl who went in at 2pm when I was at my consult and she wasn't leaving until 7pm ...how long where you there for ??
  15. Oh that is so exciting !! The hospital said I am booked in at 2pm so far but obviously subject to change ! I had my call today and Ali said I can go up to 390cc which I am super happy about !! I am a small a cup if we can call it that also breast fed so very excited !!!
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