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    Dr Tang, Surgery on 25 September 2015
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  1. I'm a small build with 330 moderates and I was aiming for a natural C cup. I have been told I will most likely be a D which will actually look like a C. I almost asked for 300 as I was so scared of looking too big and I thought I will definitely not have boob Greed but you would be surprised at how much bigger I probably could have still gone without thinking they were too big for me. I'm more concerned about low profile than I am about the size you are going? I have not seen much use of low profile at all and it is a very flat looking implant... I agree with the other ladies on here it's not worth it just for something you won't notice and I definitely don't think you will notice much at all with the low profile. My moderates make me look like I'm just wearing a padded B cup bra pre-op which makes me think low profile would look very flat chested from the projection point of view! Just make sure you think hard about this :) And I also think photos make the breasts look bigger!
  2. Okay awesome! Thanks Rachy I didn't think of another crop! Will find a bandeau or something to wear
  3. Hi Girls I've read on here before that some of you started getting spray tans around 1 week post op making sure your incisions were completely covered. I was just wondering what you did while the tan was developing? Is it okay to have your bra off for a few hours or did you put it straight back on? I'm still feeling a bit uncomfortable when I have my bra off for showers etc. so I can't imagine how I'll be for a few hours ? xx
  4. Hi ladies! I had my BA last Friday and I've just created an Instagram account (tci_september2015) so that I can keep track of my progress and also see photo updates of others! Give me your names if you are happy for me to follow you! Also non related but did anyone get given a strap from TCI to use from 1 week post op? I was told I would need it as my boobs naturally sat quite high and my creases were lowered. How did you use it and did you find that it helped?
  5. I am on post op day 2 and my appetite has also been all over the place! Day of surgery I didn't eat anything until dinner time which is when I smashed down a whole fried rice and a bowl of icecream with peaches and jelly to myself Yesterday was also pretty okay food wise except I wasn't really wanting breakfast so I had jatz with my morning meds. Today I've almost had that hangover feeling where you think you are really hungry and feel like something particular but when you start eating you realise you don't really feel like what you are eating and start to feel sick. Think I'm going to have some fruit for dinner and see how I go.
  6. Hi MissAnn i just had my surgery with Dr Tang at Concord Private Hospital on Friday. Honestly I was so frightened about the whole experience for the weeks leading up to surgery as that's when all that media coverage etc started... I'm happy to say my experience was wonderful and I'm glad I decided to go ahead. The hospital was a lot smaller than I though and I only remember seeing other patients who were having BAs too, not sure if there are other departments in the hospital. I had a lovely nurse who put me at ease straight away and went to every effort to ensure my friend (who was also getting a BA at the same time) and I were together as much as possible leading up to surgery time so we could support each other. I met my anaesthetic doctor and nurse and a few other people who were going to be in the theatre during surgery... They were all also lovely and did their best at keeping me comfortable. I went with twilight so I had the needle in my hand (no pain at all from that) and was given a mask. Within about a minute I felt it kick in and blacked out. I then remember waking up in the recovery room with lots of friendly nurses and I was eating a lollipop Happy to say overall surgery was very comfortable and I wouldn't be scared of going with twilight again in future.
  7. Oh okay! I read some comments from TCI advising that Dr Niro no longer works there so that makes sense!
  8. TCI-dec boobies did they mention who was the first surgeon at TCI with the cardiac arrest?
  9. Yep I gave them a call and they said it is mandatory to pay the $75 for the bra they provide... Bit crappy if you ask me as they are charging an extra $20 on top of the rrp. You think they would be able to at least match the price seeing as they would order in bulk..
  10. Yeah my friend and I are getting surgery on the same day so we were looking to buy 2 each from Zodee and we also get the 10% discount so it will work out a lot cheaper than the one TCI provides! I'm going to have to give them a call to see if I can not worry about their one. If anyone is interested in what they say let me know! Yes that link is really helpful thank you I found this one on the Zodee website specifically for carefix bras too http://www.zodee.com.au/sizing-charts/carefix-mastectomy-sizing-chart ohsoinspired with the carefix bras it's quite easy for me as I know roughly what size implants I will go with and I definitely don't want to go bigger than a DD. I'm going to do my band measurements but the size M seems quite suitable at this stage! I'll also ask TCI how they choose sizes as theirs are the same brand. I really like the 'Anna' zip bra rather than the 'Bella' which TCI provides. I feel like I could get much more use out of it even after the 6 weeks!
  11. Hi ladies! I have surgery next Friday and will be finalising my account with TCI today. Does anyone who went there know if you can purchase your own post-op bras and not worry about the one that they give you? I can get the same brand from Zodee in a style that I prefer and it's discounted the more that you buy. Thanks!
  12. Hi ladies! I have surgery next Friday and will be finalising my account with TCI today. Does anyone who went there know if you can purchase your own post-op bras and not worry about the one that they give you? I can get the same brand from Zodee in a style that I prefer and it's discounted the more that you buy. Thanks!
  13. Hi girls I've been following the news on these claims too and now another woman is coming out claiming she was in pain for 2 weeks post op and TCI told her it was not their problem. I just find it funny that as soon as something gets bad publicity people start bringing out their own stories... this is the link http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3220469/Woman-left-bedridden-unimaginable-pain-weeks-breast-enlargement-operation-Cosmetic-Institute-two-people-heart-attacks-year.html And as for the most recent girl to go into cardiac arrest, TCI has commented: A 22-year-old was undergoing breast enlargement surgery at the Bondi clinic on Wednesday when she went into cardiac arrest for a short time. 'The patient did not require cardiac defibrillation and was stabilized quickly and effectively by her specialist anaesthetist and surgeon,' a spokesman for the company said. The woman was taken to St Vincent's Hospital where she remains in a stable condition. 'While at this stage the cause is unknown it is unlikely that local anaesthetic toxicity was the cause. 'The dosage of local anaesthetic administered by TCI during its procedures is well within the published recommended prescribed dosage range. 'Our medical team is of the opinion, based on information to hand and subject to further investigation, that the incident was a result of a vagal response.' 'Patient safety is always front and centre of all our procedures at The Cosmetic Institute. We will be maintaining close contact with the patient. 'We are deeply concerned about this patient’s complication, and it is important to remember that all surgery, whether cosmetic or not carries with it risks, and this is something that should be taken into consideration when contemplating surgery.' When I first heard about this second incident I automatically started freaking out as my surgery is in less than 3 weeks (just my luck for this to happen so close). I've since calmed down and realised that people don't think too much about the risks that come with breast augmentation, yet there are SO many things that can go wrong. Nobody knows the actual causes of cardiac arrest for these poor girls, but it seriously could have been ANYTHING down to an allergic reaction and it's unfortunate that the media immediately faults TCI... Media will always be media though.
  14. Welcome all the newbies to the thread Thought I would just drop by and share how mind blown I am over the fact that we can all now say we are getting boobies NEXT MONTH! This is all going so fast for me but at the same time I wish it would come faster as I have been stressing myself out way too much and I am so sick of looking at boob photos. They are all starting to look the same and I don't know anyone else is feeling this but I swear they are just starting to look like nothing to me D: The hard part is going to be reducing my wishlist down so I don't have to spend half an hour showing my surgeon the look that I want haha. On another note I'm also quite sad as over the last 5 weeks I've really gotten into the gym as I want to be fairly toned looking before I have surgery... and as if my boobs weren't already small enough! they are now shrinking from all of this exercise!! I'm starting to stress that I won't even being able to fit a decent size implant in there anymore haha. Hope none of you girls are overthinking and stressing out as much as me
  15. Yes please flapjack! I have surgery in 2 months and I'm just looking for some inspiration with mods
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