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    Nagor, round, textured, high profile, under muscle, 500cc
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    Professor Mark Ashton, 9 June 2015
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    178cm, 12B

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  1. Galpal28

    June 2015

    Having a minor freak out… I'm 2 weeks post op today. I started to feel fine but now they have really started to hurt again. When I move I can sometimes feel my right boob move in a weird way, it's a really gross feeling and I'm not sure if it's normal. I'm also quite swollen still. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Trying not to have a massive freak out.
  2. Oh, you poor thing. Hang in there. I definitely started to feel better by about day 4 and 5.
  3. Galpal28

    June 2015

    babe they look so good! Congrats.
  4. Galpal28

    June 2015

    lol I just had a quick fitting as I was curious and ended up with an g cup. I'm still swollen but I'm blown away. So happy! They seriously don't look that big in clothes but in a bra - phwoar!
  5. Yeah I always thought id have to get moderate profile to not look fake but my ps recommended hp. I am not sure what size I am now as only one week post op. At a really rough guess, maybe dd or e ( just comparing to my friends who are that size). They honestly don't look massive though on my Frame
  6. I took a week off. Had my first day back today, managed to work 14 hours (I'm a lawyer). It was harder than usual but doable. I think 10 days off would have been perfect but I didn't have enPugh leave for that...
  7. I have exactly the same issue at one week post op and trying not to freak out about it! Can someone tell me if they get closer together through dropping and fluffing?
  8. Ps feel free to DM me with any questions
  9. Hey there, we have really similar stats. I'm 178cm tall and 75kg. I got 500cc high profile unders a week ago and they are not that big - I think they are a perfect size for my broad shoulders. I could have gone bigger but didn't want them to be noticeable. I was scared to go to 500cc as it seemed so big - I literally lost sleep over the decision on size but you need to trust your surgeon. Take him/ her goal pics and they will tell you what size you need to achieve your goal pics...
  10. Galpal28

    June 2015

    I am feeling pretty good. One week post op today and I'm back at work good luck with surgery, you're in excellent hands!!!!
  11. Galpal28

    June 2015

    Yeah nurofen or Panadol is not really helping either.... Have you found anything to help with the pain?
  12. Galpal28

    June 2015

    Yeah I have constant nerve pains down the side of my left boob. Ouchies.
  13. Galpal28

    June 2015

    I could move my arms from day one. I probably could have done most activities but tried not to ie carrying around dishes, washing up, changing sheets on the bed. I knew that doing these things would hinder my recovery. Anyone else more swollen in one breast than in the other? My left one is way more swollen. Didn't notice until I took a picture!
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