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  1. Well we all have our different opinions donatella. That's just mine.
  2. I'm getting shooting pains, stabbing pains. Nothing I can't handle. All normal.
  3. Yeah it's normal. It's just the nerve endings reconnecting. Nothing to worry about. Your body will do that for a few more weeks yet.
  4. Under the muscle you have more pain plus if you are a gym person it's more painful.
  5. I was told to make sure I'm elevated, helps with swelling. My surgery is only new. (7th April) Had 3 procedures on the 7th. Still in a bit of pain so can't sleep with just one pillow. I paid enough money I'm not stuffing up my body. Lol Just going by what my surgeon has said to do.
  6. I'm still sleeping with 4/5 pillows ab1990. I won't be sleep with just one for months yet. Wait till 3 months. Let all the swelking go and settle. Too early for One pillow. How are you going anyway? Can't wait to get out and about but not going with this strap across my chest.
  7. That's good then. Just stand at the back and do squats or lunges when their doing chest? No one will see you because their more worried about themselves. Just tell the instructor before the class. They will give you options anyway. RPM will be perfect for awhile till you feel comfortable going back to body attack. Remember it's high impacked so ease your way back in. Take the options. Good luck!
  8. Treadmill, cross trainer and bike for awhile. That's what I'll be doing and squats with the fitball
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