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  1. Hey ladies, I have decided I want to do some research into having a mini tummy tuck added to my surgery, I am on the hunt for a good Melbourne surgeon for BA BL and mini TT, any recommendations would be appreciated, any pics aswell! Thank you! Xxx
  2. Hey lovelies, just researching to find a good Melbourne surgeon for BA BL, I've heard good things about Keith Mutimer, Mark Ashton and Tim Brown, but would love to hear of anyone's experience with these surgeons and any others, your outcome and any before and after pics would be amazing. Thanks xxx
  3. Hi girls, does anyone have any before and afters of Tim Brown's work? Would be much appreciated!! Thanks xx
  4. Hi girls, so it's been about 4 weeks since I had my Botox. Crows feet, frown and forehead, paid about $330 at LCA and really liking the results! Will definately be going back when I need a top up! xx
  5. I had my first Botox injections today at LCA, frown, forehead and crows feet. Wasn't too bad at all! the only thing I noticed was I developed quite a headache a couple hours after. Can wait for it to kick in in a few days. ?
  6. Whats the difference between the two?
  7. Aw thank you Hun, yeah I don't know if I'm desperate enough to pay $850 when they're not that thin to start with. I will let you know how I go when I have my LCA consult next week ?
  8. Thanks so much for your response Don! I agree, sounds so expensive, I did feel very comfortable with her though as she has had over 20 years experience, but I will wait and see how I go at my LCA consult before booking anything! My lips naturally aren't thin to start with just wanting a bit more of an 'ange' pout, so enhancing more of the bottom lip and creating that '3 bump' upper lip is what I'm after
  9. So I just had my consult at VCI, $850 for lips, she's scribbled the name of the product, looks like 'Emernel' or something can't read her writing, and suggested 20 units of Botox in my frown and forehead at $370. She uses cannula method aswell. I also just booked a consult at LCA next week!
  10. Hey did you end up getting your lips done there?
  11. So why are they so expensive? Im pretty sure hey use the cannula method, would that be why? What other products would they use to inject into the lips Don?
  12. How much different are the brands? Am I better off going with the more expensive one in the long run do you think? I think I need to write down some questions for my consult! Haha
  13. Hi everyone, I've decided to take the plunge and get my frown lines injected and my lips plumped a little bit. I called Victorian Cosimetic Institute today and spoke to a lady about roughly what the price would be. She said frown lines are about $350, and lips 1ml at $850. I'm going there tomorrow for a consult and to get some more info but just wanted to ask if these prices are seen as expensive compared to other reputable places? I'm new to this so any help is great. I will post again tomorrow after my consult to update what the nurse says about price after she's assessed me and what look I
  14. Hey! I'm a first timer too and I'm looking to get my frown lines done and lips filled a little and I've just booked a consult with Victorian cosmetic institute, consult is tomorrow. Check them out xx
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