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  1. Looking at possibly having my anatomical textured implants removed after feeling quite anxious for the last year or so regarding the link to them and Lymphoma. Had consult with surgeon and he said he's happy to remove and that they would be replaced with Allergen microcell round breast implants... ...does anyone have this type of implant? Have any feedback on them?? Any info would be gratefully received so I can try and make my decision.
  2. I had the textured implants put in almost 2 years ago and am feeling incredibly anxious after the news reports today. Sorry I can't offer any words if advise, good luck in yoir decision making.
  3. Evening ladies, So I had my 9 week check up today and got a bit of a shock when my surgeon started talking about some research that is due to come out about a link they've found between textured implants and lymphoma. Kicking myself now for not asking more questions about it, wasn't until I got home it started sinking in.wgsr he actually said. Freaking out slightly... I am a very anxious person anyway and overthink everything. But why was I not told of this risk before my op, I maybe gone for different implants if I was made aware before hand? Has anyone else heard m
  4. Hi ladies, looking at going in for a revision to try upsize slightly and go with a wider implant to try decrease my cleavage gap. Been offered the next size up plus fat grafting but really anxious about the fat grafting part!!! I don't have a huge amount of fat I want to loose for a start as I have always been very straight up and down! I'm worried about the safety of fat grafting, plus how much volume can I expect to gain from it?? Another option I've asked about is going to a bigger size implant rather than the fat grafting? Which is best in terms of safety, implant
  5. Can it ever be claimed in the 2 month wait part for an existing condition?? Or is this not applicable for implants?
  6. My gap before surgery was between 3 and 4cm too and still is after having implants, though I only got 255cc! I am wanting a revision to go bigger and hoping it might close the gap even a little but but not sure if this is even poss??
  7. So relieved this is pretty common but was also hoping someone might say after a few more months etc it will get better?! ?
  8. So I had my BA back in November so I'm just over 4 months post op now, haven't done much in the way of bra shopping yet but decided today I would go try some on.... Anyway, none of them seem to fit correctly! Tried in soooo many! Has anyone else found that finding a bra when you have implants is difficult? Is there a certain style/make I should be trying instead?! Was so looking forward to the day I finally had boobs and could buy a nice bra but they all look poop ?
  9. Sorry to hear this country girl:( I remember seeing your pic you posted the other week and being so envious of your boobs... It isn't noticeable in your pic? I def have one implant higher than the other still , should they have both dropped by now then? Fingers crossed it sorts itself out for you and great that dr Connell is being so good about it all for you ?
  10. Since having my BA I haven't directly chest trained at all, though I find a lot of exercises I do engage with chest muscles without even trying to:( I do light weights, however before my BA I would do anything so I guess I prob started with pretty developed pec muscles in the first place- would I have been better with overs maybe?? Pink butterfly, when I asked about my gap my surgeon said he couldn't put in a bigger/wider implant as my chest is so thin and bony you would see the edge of the implants... I am trying to push for a revision to go bigger/wider but he's said I will have to have fat
  11. Why did you decide to downsize? I never wanted to have big boobs, if I could achieve a full C I would be happy, I haven't been measured yet but they look small and I hate my train track gap
  12. They are quite freaky, they seem to be moving without me hardly engaging my chest at all! I actually didn't even remember to mention this to my surgeon when I saw him Friday as I was so concerned with the gap I have:( don't know what can be done in my case then as I understand I am too bony and flat chested to have got overs?? I think I had such high expectations going into this, dreamed of having boobs for pushing 20 years... paid top dollar to see a highly respected surgeon, saved for years so I could finally do it and now I feel so ***** about them, it's like I was never meant to have boob
  13. My bwd is larger tha yours at 12.5, yet he could only fit 255cc in feeling super down about mine, think I had such high expectations after waiting half my life for boobs hope you get everything sorted and reassurance at your next check up
  14. Can't comment on the scars but I must say your boobs look amazing!!! I am so envious!! Wish mine were close together like yours? You got the 295 right? What was your bwd?
  15. I've started becoming more and more aware of the fact that when I engage my chest muscles my implants distort and move outwards!! Is this normal?? They look terrible when this happens :(
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