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  1. Can I add you as a friend IBR just looking into perth surgeons ATM =)
  2. Hi Ladies, I'm wanting to book a consult wit Tony but cant find a number or email address anywhere ??? Also could I add a few of use as friends to see results. I was told by TCI that im borderline for a lift =(. But I would like to have a consult here in Perth and see what they have to say and I hear Tony is the best!!! =).
  3. Thanks For the info Amy =) and I would love to know how u go bobby thanks.
  4. Thanks ladies if anyone has any before and after photos they would like to share id love to see the results use ended up with =)
  5. Anyone just gone ahead with a BA when they have been borderline for a lift??
  6. I'm in the same boat have been told I'm borderline needing a lift by TCI. Hoping I don't but thinking about booking a consult with one of the Perth surgeons and seeing what they have to say. If needed I think I would prefer to have it done for optimal results. I was a C cup before kids, D-DD whole pregnant and BF and now a deflated B-C cup.
  7. Has anyone has a BA + BL with him??
  8. Hi I'm hoping to have a breast lift and augmentation done in perth. Just wondering if anyone can give me some good intel on surgeons and prices ?? Thanks =)
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