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  1. Hi there, I am just new here and wondering if you went ahead with your Tummy Tuck and if so who your surgeon was and if you were happy with the results :)


  2. All amazing surgeons!! I had Mark Ashton....He and his team are fantastic! Dr. Craig Rubinstein,Dr. Dean Trotter and Dr. Richard Bloom have really good profiles on here. Have you looked at their profiles?? Make a short list. Go and meet with them and that will be a great guide as who you like!! Best of luck!!
  3. Ok!! I am looking getting Botox this week. What it in the forehead and maybe crows feet. Would anyone recommend anyone in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Would also like to know rough cost $$$! Thanks
  4. Check out the surgeons that are list on the forum. There are a couple in Sydney that are AMAZING. They have review linked to them and before and after shots. You can also ask a surgeon a question....how cool is that!
  5. I am not sure but would like to follow this thread to find out.
  6. Ok Day Two!! I have the worst cold ever!! Good thing is I am not hungry. Bad thing I can't exercise!! I feel strange tho no coffee for two days and no soft drink!! I have just had major back surgery..but just trying to move. Walking is the only thing I can really do. Lots of small walks!!
  7. Hey Fox, I am looking at a Tummy Tuck soon. But I would like to lose some weight before I look ay my options. So YES I think I will join you. Ok so starting Monday!! This is going to be interesting!!!
  8. Check out this blog post with Amelia Talbot Amelia Talbot is an IFBB bikini competitor, fitness model and qualified Personal Trainer from Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in physique transformations, competition prep, posing lessons and a passion for glue building but above all else, a healthy balanced approach to nutrition. http://plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/blog/implants-and-the-gym-with-amelia-talbot/
  9. Post your question on Q&A on the top tabs and a surgeon will get back to you. Even take a picture of it.
  10. Have a look under the surgeon tab on the forum. It will help you. Only Plastic Surgeons are allowed to appear on the forum under surgeon tab. Good luck. Do your research!!!
  11. No Right thread...just my view. Just a quick question. Does the price of a BA with TBI include all your post op appointments and any follow up that may have to be performed?? Would be interested to know!?
  12. Mark Ashton....The best...My opinion...You will see his contact details and review under the Surgeons Tab on the forum. Let me know how you go. Look around for what type of look you want so you can show your surgeon.
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