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  1. Good luck! I saw Dr R a few weeks ago for my consult, I'm wishing I'd taken a few more photos to show him but still walked away feeling like we were on the same page. I found he was great (and funny), I was worried when I'd read a few things saying he was very business and impersonal, I found him to be professional but friendly, I mentioned I'm allergic to morphine and hallucinate quite badly, he wrote "crazy" for the reaction lol. he went over things and was only to happy to go into more detail if I asked and really put my mind at ease with the concerns I had (keloid scarring, weight loss and how'd they look). I did find when it came to size, he gave me the trials and just wrote down a size when I said I think I like the look of them, he came across as though size was my decision so he didn't give much guidance, however I felt as though he would have said if my goal photos/natural look weren't acheiveable with the size I wanted. He gave me a sports bra to wear when trying the trials so I wouldn't be too concerned about what bra you wear, I just wore a tank top to try and get an idea of what they'd look like. Oh and try not to stress! I was so nervous about having to explain to someone about why I wanted implants, he simply asked if my goal from the surgery was a bigger size (obviously my answer was a resounding yes!) and that was it for my explanation, so lots of nerves for nothing.
  2. I guess it comes down to personal preference. I always felt that you wouldn't make most other major life decisions (mortgage, new car, school for the kids) without doing a lot of research and looking around so why should a surgeon be any different? Having said that, I've only had one consult with Dr Richardson and I loved him and quite honestly would book in without getting a second consult. I felt 100% comfortable with him (even if the size scared the crap out of me lol) and I think even if I got another consult I'd still go with him. I think if you're comfortable, great, if you have even the tiniest smidgen of doubt, get a second opinion, you want to be 100% sure of something like this.
  3. Following! It's not likely I can have kids but I've been thinking about the what ifs and wondering what it would mean for my implants if by miracle I was to fall pregnant. It's a lot of money to have to go through it again
  4. I just asked my sister (she used to be a hairdresser) she said it depends but safe is 4-6 weeks. I had mine done about 10yrs back and I was sure they said 2-3 weeks but my memory is sketchy back that far (and I feel really old now lol)
  5. I'd love to know how you went too, I've been recommended 570cc so would love to see similar sizes. Hope it all went well for you and you're recovering well
  6. Thanks Donatella! I loved him, he just didn't give me much guidance on size which has me overthinking but planning on seeing him for a follow up consult in a few weeks when I'm next out that way. I'm sure he said unders (I only have a small C cup at the moment so not huge amounts of breast tissue), just all the research seems to point to less complications from unders but hubby is adament he suggested round, textured over the muscle because it has the lowest complication rate. I just kept thinking am I missing something, is there a reason overs are better.
  7. My hubby and I were just talking about my consult and finding I'm more and more comfortable with choosing to go with Dr Richardson, however, hubby is convinced he said he'd go over the muscle, I'm convinced he said under. I've done a heap of research and think I want to go under, less CC rates, more natural (which is big for me) and in the past when I was at my skinniest I barely filled an A cup so I think if I got back to that weight it would be noticeable and I don't do any heavy lifting at work or the gym. Would there be a reason other then not wanting to disturb the muscle that a surgeon would suggest over rather then under the muscle? I know you can only rely on google for so much so I wonder if I'm missing something.
  8. I know I'm new but god I love you Donatella lol! I personally wouldn't go that big (mostly because of my back) but I think good on someone who wants to, it's a personl choice and why can't we support each other regardless? I mean we're all getting boobs, who cares if it's 250cc or 1500cc, whatever you're comfortable with. I feel so sad for calista, no matter what anyone thinks of the size, it's obviously extremely emotional and scary for her and I hope she heals well and can get her size back in the future minus the complications.
  9. I wish I hadve asked this before my consult. I'm 6ft and quite broad but had a minor freak out when the PS suggested 570cc! It sounded monster huge but I'd be getting 13cm implants and with the testers they definitely don't look as big as they sound.
  10. This is totally me at the moment! I'm hoping to book in during the June/July school holidays and I'm overthinking the hell out of it! I'm worried the recommended size will be too big but if I go smaller is it going to be worth it (I don't want to go through this to go up a cup size). I think it's entirely normal to be nervous and overthink it so you're definitely not alone! I can't give you any advice but just want to say good luck!!
  11. Thanks so much glittergal! That helps a lot! I do really like Dr Richardson but I felt as though there wasn't a huge input from him in terms of size, he gave me the sizers to try on, the first ones I said were too small, the second ones I liked and he essentially said great and told me the size (which is when the freak out occured, they didn't look as big as they sounded lol). I do feel as though he would have told me if it wasn't possible to achieve the look I wanted with that size but I overthink. Do you happen to know if Dr Scamp consults often from Brisbane? I saw on his website that he has a Brisbane number but it sounds like he's mostly on the Coast
  12. I'm going to call tomorrow to try and book a consult with Dr Scamp, I had my first with Dr Richardson and as comfortable as he made me feel I want to really do my research and find the best surgeon. But my question is more around the size (and the fact that I'm overthinking), the few friends I know that have implants all have between 300-400cc and ranging from a DD-F and I know that it depends on the woman as to how they end up looking but Dr Richardson recommended 570cc and it seems huge (this was after I told him I was aiming for a natural look without being too over the top big and the trials didn't look too big). I've done quite a bit of googling and most of the 550cc+ ones I can find look extremely fake so I was hoping there might be a few ladies here with 550cc or larger that wouldn't mind me picking their brains or would be happy to share photos. I don't think it's worth having the surgery to go up a size but I don't want the real rounded fake look either. I'd just love to be able to get a better idea of what I'm signing up for lol.
  13. Thanks ladies! Len, the more I look into, the more I'm thinking that size was recommended because of my BW and they'd be pancakes if they were smaller and I did tell him I wasn't going through this surgery to go up one size! I did feel like I could trust him, I'm just prone to overthinking everything! Aspire, that's pretty much it, although on the small side I do have nicely shaped boobs so I'm terrified of ruining that with something too big and unnatural but the more I think about it the more I think I'm getting used to the size. I keep looking at the photos I took with the trials in and thinking it looks quite small lol. I have to say from your profile pic that yours look amazing! I'd be stoked with those results! That really has helped so thank you
  14. Thanks Jessie! No, I'm in Brisbane but do have a second surgeon in Toowoomba I'm considering a consult with, it's just all so confusing! I think he said my BWD was "close enough" to 13.5cm, he said he would use 13cm implants. I currently have a C cup so I do have a bit to begin with so he's suggested over the muscle for that reason. I'm nearly 45cm across the chest (measuring across my back so that's not accomodating for boobs) so not stupidly broad but I'm certainly not narrow. He suggested that with my size and the way my breast are that I could go much larger then 570 but certainly not even considering that! One concern I did raise with him was that I only have boobs right now because I've put on weight, I used to be a size 6 with barely an A cup (now I'm a much healthier for my height size 12) would they be really obvious if I lost weight. He thought that I'd lose weight proportionatally so it wouldn't affect the way the implants look. I was just talking to the woman I work with, she was gobsmacked. Hers are only 360cc and she's an E cup, she had about the same size boobs as I do before her surgery. I don't want to second guess a professional, he knows I was aiming for around a DD and still wanted it to look natural so I'm sure he would have suggested something else if it was going to look ridiculous but it just sounds really big. I keep finding before and afters of similar sizes but they're on much shorter women so they look huge, it's hard to get a real gauge of what they might look like. I keep coming back to, I liked the look of it with the trials in and wouldn't have had a concern in the world if he hadn't told me an exact size, its only hearing the size that its scared me.
  15. I had a consult with Dr Richardson yesterday, I love him! I was in the waiting room feeling sick from nerves before I went in and he just completely put me at ease, answered all my questions and was just quite friendly. However, as I tend to do with everything, im over thinking it all! I did specify that I wanted natural looking implants, that borderline are they aren't they. Im 183cm and 85kgs so quite tall and broad, he'll be using 13cm wide implants to give you an idea. I tried a few testers on and in the end we both agreed on a textured round and a size which he proceeded to tell me is a 570cc!!! That sounds huge to me and the few photos ive found all look quite drastic, which isnt bad but just not the look I'm going for. I loved it with the testers but does it really look the same? Are there any ladies here with similar stats that would mind sharing what size they went with? The other question that I completely forgot to ask yesterday, the motivation for getting the surgery is because I want to feel more like a woman after struggling with infertility. But on the miracle chance I do fall pregnant in future, what will that mean for my boobs? Will it possible affect the overall look and require more surgery or us there a chance theyll still look fine?
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