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    Booked in for 25/7/12, Dr Tim Cooper
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    50kg, 10A after breastfeeding 2 kiddies. Getting 335cc smooth round HP. Hoping to be a 10C/D :)

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  1. Hi everyone, I am about 6 months post op after getting 335cc with Dr Cooper. I am so so so so happy withe the results. I had no pain after my surgery and absolutely love my new additions. They are just me now. I live in a small town and have had quite a few ppl saying they wanna get theres done, but more specifically they want mine! lol. I became one of those people I hate. I would stalk this site day and night before the surgery. Had them done and continued to stalk it for a month or so, then haven't been back on for month! I got so much help from everyone on here, so i am back to hopefully help some others
  2. Sorry bout the bad typos. Typing too fast and not checking - lazy me.
  3. Good on you for having an exact idea of what I want. I didn't really know- just knew I wanted to be bigger than what I was and at least a c cup. Oh, and I didn't want that funny. Assive gap between them either. A few girls on here I am friends with posted post op photos, and it wasn't til then I thought, right, I want that! Lol I culdnt be even more happier with the results though. I am kinda glad I didn't give him photos cos I would have been more a xious if they did or didn't look exactly like that. I am sure he wouldn't be sick of hearing from you! Hehe. It will hopefully make hi even more eager to give you exactly what you want! Good luck
  4. There are a few posts I the "breast surgery" section about this too. By the sounds of things if you went u der the muscle, they can change a lot and even go bigger over the first few months. Over the muscle tend to stay more the same, but of course, can still change. It is so hard! I am 4 weeks post up. Will get measured when I go to Perth next trip. Cannot wait. I am wearing 10d, wouldn't complaint all if the dropped and fluffed a bit bigger even
  5. I have foound the same. I am a size 8, with d cup at the moment and I have been fine with all of my clothes so far. I have had a few dresses that zipped up which I got rid of before cos I doubt they would have fit. Amy excuse to go shopping though
  6. So a question for all you post op ladies... I am 4 weeks post op. my incisions have been fine. Just over the last few days I have had some pain- not the incisions themselves, but around the incisions. I don't live near any nearby shops so have been unable to try and buy bras. The sports bra I wore today was quite thought so put some pressure on the scars which may have caused the pain. Has anyone had any problems with the incisions and the healing? I have been told to start the bio oil at 4-5 weeks post op, but don't want to if they aren't ready for it yet.
  7. That's so exciting! I was 10a (even struggling to fill that) pre op, now 10d at 4 weeks post op. I went under the muscle too, so yippee. I am loving them more and more every day too.
  8. My surgeon has said 6-8 weeks. I tried on some,just cos I couldt wait, it was uncomfortable, but I will be waiting til then to wear them
  9. Mine said a third too. But one was going to charge me 1400, but then a different guy in his office did it, so it only cost me $1100. (surgeon was about 7500- so it was heaps less than a third!)
  10. Yeh I think 375 will definitely push u over a dd cup. I got 335 and I can fit a 10d bra- but I started with an a. Awould u be disappointed if u go too big? Most generally go one size bigger than what they are comfortable with so they don't regret going too small
  11. At three weeks I am comfortable on my side too. I really started getting used to being propped up but found it awkward laying next to hubby who wasn't propped up so I ditched the pillow a few nights ago. I found the skin sensitivity to be more of the problem though. If I went to roll over my bra would rub on my boobs and nipples and would hurt- just like they are sunburnt. I am now feeling more normal and not noticing it too much. Hullejua.
  12. I was given the ok to shower like normal 24 hours later- of course no scrubbing and try to avoid too much bubbles near the dressings. The waterproof stuff is pretty good these days if your worried about getting them too wet. I had to have mine covered for two weeks. It was funny actually. I cut my thumb right on the tip with a potato peeler at 4 days post op. That hurt more when I was washing my hair than my boobs did. I was extremely lucky with pain though and was picking up my 1 year old at 4 days post op. Can u scam a friend into drying and straightening your hair? Hehe. They always say "gimme a call if you need anything" take advantage of it! Hehe..
  13. It is so so hard! I was a deflated a, went 335cc and I am about a d- although I have dropped and fluffed completely yet. I was hoping to be at least a c, so I am extremely happy with my size. It is pretty crazy how big they look when ur naked compared to when you have clothes on. Ppl always say to go one bigger than what your comfortable with- which is what I did. If you are positive u don't wanna be too big then go with what your gut says. On the other hand your surgeon may know best. I had mine done in Perth too. Who is your surgeon?
  14. Woohoo! That's awesome! I am so so happy with my 335, so you will be stoked with 325! Bring on boobie day!
  15. I was back with my kiddies (1 and 3) at 4 days post op. I still even at almost 3 weeks post op try not to carry my three year old around. I felt ok to pick up my ill one, but obviously tried not too. I did have help- my grandmother was with me, but think I probably would have been fine without her if I needed to be. House would have gotten messy though because I think the vacuuming may have been a bit too much! Good luck
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