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  1. Had mine done by him, but we can message privately because I don't people thinking that I might be marketing him. There are several surgeons out there. But if you are interested in Dr Kim in particular, I can give you a few details based on experience.
  2. This is an interesting thread. I do agree on some points being raised that patients are also partly responsible for the end results. You are your biggest advocate during the healing process, and I can say this based on experience. However, taking the time and effort to research on a good rhinoplasty surgeon is just as important. Never put your trust under someone you are not comfortable with. There are several doctors here in Australia, and I do believe there are good ones and there are those who, sadly, deliver substandard results. My nose job journey was not something I thought about for a couple of days, weeks or months. It took me well over a year to decide. Some places offer a free consultation, although you have to clarify what these entails, but at least, it gives you a leg up on what you will be expecting.
  3. Hi donatella! I shared it since it was my experience. I think you can check it at their website (advance clinic) for a complete list of the doc's credentials. However, on my part, the best that I could give you would be my experience. I actually had two procedures done with him. A nose job and double eyelid surgery. I am Asian, and I can say that he has the eye for aesthetics because he is able to create a nose that suits my Asian profiles well, the same with my double eyelids. I cannot say for other patients, but I can tell you that as far as my results went, I am happy with it. I would advise anyone planning to get a nose job to do extensive research. Go for someone who has the experience and training to perform the procedure. It also pays that this surgeon will be able to show you a portfolio of his past procedures.
  4. dr andrew kim of advance cosmetic surgery also makes a good choice. I can vouch for him having been a patient myself. I can PM you my photos if you want. They have free consultations. You can check out their site for more info. Try this http://www.advancecosmetic.com/eng/.
  5. why don't you try dr andrew kim. he gives a free consultation and he has a good reputation in terms of performing rhinoplasty because he focuses on this surgery in particular.
  6. Wow that really seems to be in a bad shape man! I think you can have it covered by insurance because it is reconstructive. I don't like to impose, since I had my nose job done by this doc, but you can try to get a consult with dr andrew kim. He doesn't practice in perth though but holds clinics in sydney and melbourne i think. You can check out his site, advancecosmetic.com becaus e he gives free consultations. I am not sure about surgeons in perth, but as far as i know here in Sydney, there are several good ones that you can choose from.
  7. I would suggest dr andrew kim of advance cosmetic surgery. I just had a nose job with him along together with eyelid surgery. He practices in sydney, you might want to check out his site here www.advancecosmetic.com. It also took me some time to finally decide, but all my research definitely gave me results that are well worth it!
  8. I had the two procedures done about two months ago. It has been a hard recovery for me, but after all the swelling and bruising has subsided, I am loving the results. I love how my eyes look more rejuvenated today, and how my nose is more defined. Shout out to dr. andrew kim of advance cosmetic surgery. the pain was something, but i was able manageable. i took a two week leave from work to give me enough time to heal and look normal again!
  9. Why don't you try doc andrew kim of advance cosmetic surgery. There's no harm in looking around for second opinions. I had a consult with him too and I was quite interested in his approach. I also went to other doctors prior to that, but so far, I find his treatment approach more ammenable to my needs.
  10. Just had a consult with doc andrew kim of advance cosmetic. his free consults will actually give you extensive info and he is honest with his evaluations. I am also looking into other surgeons in sydney too! but so far, I am impressed with what i've learned from dr kim.
  11. How has your rhinoplasty been? I would also like to know how you have prepared for this surgery?
  12. Does anyone know the quote for dr. andrew kim of advance clinic?
  13. When do you determine if your rhinoplasty is a botched one? I heard these repairs are mroe expensive, so I would also like to know how I can avoid this from happening?
  14. is a rhinoplasty really necessary when fixing a dent at the tip of my nose? I'm hoping there is something less invasive that can be done about it. I am planning to get an eyelid surgery and I would prefer it if I could have less cuts on me. Also it would be too costly to have to surgeries on my end. Do I have a less invasive option?
  15. Sorry, one more question. Do you happen to know his number? I've talked to dr. andrew kim of advance also, after coming across his name twice already. And I find his options/surgical plan agreeable to the goal I have in mind. But I do love to talk to other doctors as well. It allows me to take a more comprehensive assessment of my options.
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