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  1. Thanks so much again ladies, that sounds really promising aspire I just had a 1 month post op check up and he seems confident that they'll drop and fluff and match up but also said if in 6 months time they're still a bit odd he'll do a mini lift or something? I just need to sit back and be patient i think
  2. Hi Primed i found out it was the same with bra wearing, they tell u to wear it 24/7 for however long but i called up to see if i could go without while i attended a wedding (couldn't hide my ugly bra) and she said absolutely! She said as long as you've worn it for the most important period in the beginning then there's no reason why u can't, it was very exciting lol
  3. Hi kathmartin.. You're very fortunate to have an aupair! If they are helping u with the kids and house duties then ur pretty much set! The only help on top of that which i needed was help getting out of the recliner and washing my hair for the first few days, but both my friend (ba) and i found as soon as u stop taking ur pain killers, u start to feel more competent and as if ur healing quicker, i know it sounds silly but i just found them to make me feel like a bed ridden mess.. however, at night time i took them religiously haha.. I was back very comfortably doing everything by 2 and a half weeks though, i wouldn't go silly by rearranging furniture though but u get the idea i think ive been very lucky to heal so quickly!
  4. Oh thanks ladies, you've all made me feel so much better xxxx Every time i get down about them i think i should just stare at my sad little before pictures lol
  5. I don't regret my surgery and i do LOVE them in real life but whenever I take a pic, it's painfully clear how different they are!! I'm 3 weeks post op today, this is pretty much how they'll end up isn't it?? 350cc High profile round by the way
  6. Thanks ladies! Hope you're right and once it's all cleaned up it's nothing
  7. I have this horrible tape on until Friday and the part I have circled has been bothering me since I first peeked at my boobs.. is it a random stitch? A cut? Or just some stray blood? Which is what I'm hoping for t.i.a
  8. Happy to help Thank you! So far so good, painful but worth it! I just can't wait for them to heal so I can wear all the clothes I've dreamed of lol.. You must be getting excited, not long to go for u now!
  9. Ok so I'll answer my own question now since I'm a week post op and in case anybody else wants some further info/opinions on this I picked up my 1 yr old up after 5 or 6 days (getting my days mixed up from meds) but i felt it all in my biceps and then had him on my hip, I did feel it slightly but that just showed me how I could and couldn't support him. I completely limit myself to doing it only when getting him in n out of his cot/high chair
  10. Put it down as a reduction***
  11. Thanks ladies!! I haven't been on in a while but in that time I'd since booked in for surgery and just got home now from having it done with Dr moradi! And all inclusive it was $14,280, and on your receipt they put it down as a lift so u can take it to medicare and from memory I think she said I'd get about $1300 back? Very happy so far (even though it's super eearly to make that call lol)
  12. Oh true.. sounds pretty amazing though yo have such little pain
  13. Thanks for the advice ladies! I've managed to scrounge up help for a bit closer to 2 weeks and hubby has implied that if I'm really in a bad way then he'll try and get a couple of more days of.. Kim82 i will definitely take on the tip of keeping him centered when i do have to pick him up - hopefully only in and out of the cot twice a day also! And then he can do the crawling to the living room lol.. how did nappy changing go for u? X Dani666- the piggy backs are a good idea but i wouldn't trust him not to let go, he's a bit of a thrill seeker lol.. how is the pain for u now at 2 weeks? Or is it just more of a tightness? X
  14. Do u mind if I add u? I'm looking at getting the same but I'm 6cm taller n 6kg heavier and worried about them being too small! What size were u beforehand?
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