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    Tummy tuck
    Anchor breast lift
    Breast implants
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    Dr Pornthep - 9th April 2015
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  1. Hi Fleursie,


    I saw you had Tummy Tuck done by Dr Pornthep. May i know how has it been for you in term of scar recovery.

    and the belly button, was it nicely done by the surgeon ? Look forward to your reply. :)

  2. FINALLY!!!!! Didnt take long for him to give in hahaha. When I'm a year post op we can start organising it!!! YAY!!!!
  3. Hahaha! I think you all may have talked me into 500ccs!!!! Looks like I'm going to have to start to wear him down.... He can save for the ring and I can save for my boobs I do feel selfish but hey... I work fulltime and look after our family... Im allowed to be a little selfish! He think all of you ladies are a naughty influence haha
  4. Haha excellent! My partner said I can either have the revision or a ring... Bloody hell. How much were your revision surgeries Donatella? xx
  5. Hey girls, I have recently had a TT, BL and BA. I had 325cc moderate profile plus under the muscle implants. I'm going to be measured next week and I think I may be around a DD. But I am obsessed with going bigger! I would like to go at least 400c's. I have had a great result and my boobs so beautiful! I just want bigger haha. My partner thinksI'm crazy but this boob greed is ridiculous. Have many women gone back to go bigger? Are they happy that they did? Thanks, Fleur xxx
  6. Hey girls! I had Dr Pornthep for my TT, BL and BA. HE IS AMAZING! I am completely blown away by my results so much so that I just want to cry with happiness lol. I also went through cosmeditour and my experience with them has been nothing but brilliant. I am 7 days post op and I will post some pictures for you to have a look xxx
  7. Everything went amazing!!!! And I couldn't be happier!!!!! My surgery went for 6 hours and I can understand why. Dr Pornthep has gone above and beyond my expectations. His attention to detail is incredible. The stitching around my nipple is perfect, as is the rest of the stitching. I cannot believe how nice my boobs are and how flat my stomach is!!!! Everything is so tight and perky. No more loose skin or saggy boobs! Dr Pornthep was able to fit 325cc in both breasts which I'm stoked about. Maybe later in life I'll go back and get bigger implants but these are perfect for now. The pain is manageable. No where near as bad as i thought it was going to be. Its just uncomfortable and tight. I had to spend the night in ICU due to the length of my operation. THE STAFF ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!! I even had the CEO of the hosp and the director of medicine come in to check on me. I am being looked after so well. I'm 16 hours post surgery and I'm going to have my cathertar removed and start walking! I will post a pic now! Thank you for all the well wishes! Fleur xxxx
  8. Update! Well today is the day of my surgery. My nerves have subsided and I'm just bloody excited! We arrived in Bangkok on Tuesday night. We had someone meet us at the gate and took us to our ride. We went to our room at BP9 residence and fell asleep before our heads hit the pillow. I had to be up early to have my preop testing done. I met with a lady called Nan and she took us where we needed to go and stayed with us the whole time. I had my blood taken, urine test, blood pressure checked, weight, height, chest xray and ECG. All my results came back perfectly fine and I was cleared to have the surgery by the cardiologist. Later that afternoon at 6pm I met with Dr Pornthep. He is lovely lovely man! He asked me what my expectations were and then we got stuck into business. Ladies I dont know what came over me but I think a boob greed monster reared its greedy head. I tried on different sizes and I wanted bigger haha. Because I am having a lift too, my implants cant be too large Which is fine. I have gone with 325cc moderate profile plus under the muscle. If he can't fit that in it will be 300cc. He did say that my breasts are a little boxy so he is going to make them as perfectly round as he possibly can. I am going to have the inverted T lift. I then had to pull my panta down and look at my tummy. Geez i was embarrassed! He didnt bat an eyelid and started figuring out what to do. He is going to put a few stitches in my abs just because he thinks there is a little muscle seperation. Scar is going to be from hip to hip and it wont go around the sides. He is going to do the scar as low as possible but it wont be a straight line which is okay with me. Id rather it be super low and a bit wonky. He also said there was no need for liposuction. YAY! He then took photos and drew all over me! My surgery is at about 5pm today. May be a little earlier. It will take about 5ish hours and I am going to spend the first night in ICU. I'll let you all know how I go! With lots of pictures I cannot fault the staff at the hospital or even the hospital itself. It reminds me of a hotel more than a hospital. I work in a hospital back in aus and I am extremely happy. Everything is pristine clean and the staff are brilliant. If you get the chance, do it! I would do it all in a heartbeat. My partner is going to go buy a heap of fruit, museli etc for me to eat post surgery. I am lacking protein and fibre atm. I dont want anymore rice or bread haha. I have dry shampoo, laxatives, wet wipes and deodorant at the ready. Speak soon lovelies!!!!! Xxx
  9. Well lovely ladies. Im now counting down the hours till i board the plane. Tuesday cannot come quick enough. I have come to terms with the fact I am going to be in so much god damn pain post surgery. I feel if i prepare for the worst it wont be that bad haha. In regards to boob sizing I want moderate profile implants. Aiming for a D cup or a little bigger. I love lara bingles boobs so I have a heap of photos to take. I cannot contain my excitement!!!!
  10. I am so incredibly nervous now! I cannot wait. The first 5 days I'm expecting to suck big time! But it will be uphill from there!!!! I will be sure to post a heap of pictures
  11. I'm getting one supplied by the hospital but I have also bought an extra one from bodyplus. Fran the lady that owns the business is lovely and knows her stuff
  12. Hey Girls, I am getting the works on the 9th of April!!! Anchor lift, implants and TT. I am flying to Bangkok and my surgeon is Dr Pornthep. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx
  13. Hi Ladies, I am heading over to Bangkok on the 7th of April to have my surgery. My wonderful partner is coming over with me. I am so excited and happy that I want to cry. I have lost 50kgs and have wanted this surgery for about 5 years now. I am so lucky to be with someone that is understanding and wants me to be happy. I decided to go through Cosmeditour and they have been absolutely wonderful. Callen is so lovely and they have organised everything! My surgery is on the 9th and I have chosen to go with Dr Pornthep. His reviews have really put my mind at ease . I am quite fortunate that I don't have a heap of skin to be removed (i will post some pics for you). All i want is the flap to be gone! As for my boobs, I am about a 12 sad b or c. I am hoping for a d cup. My partner and I are avid crossfitters so I dont want to go too big that they affect that but i still want big boobs lol. I'd love to hear your experiences and I will let you all know how i go. 14 SLEEPS!!!!!!! Fleur xxx
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