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  1. I was afraid of the same thing. I have big hips and a big bum, at first they made me look huge I thought, I hated them because I thought they made me look fatter. But I learnt how to dress them right and now they don't make me look big, they have also settled heaps over the last year so they look much better and more natural now
  2. Definitely better, not only for him, but I feel like I have more confidence in myself naked, I love my sex life now it's made such a difference
  3. EMJ

    Boobies :)

    Thank you RH4K good to speak to you again ? how are you girls going ? I actually thought about Dr Piyapas, I've heard some great things about him Ittybittyk your boobs look great, I love the shape and size
  4. EMJ

    Boobies :)

    I like the teardrop shape. my rounds are just so round. I don't like the way they feel when I lie flat on my back
  5. Hi ladies not sure if this is the right area to post in, I had my boobs done almost 11 months ago and I've started getting boob greed bad aha. I want to get them done again and I want to go bigger :))) i recently went to the cosmetic institute in Sydney parramatta but I want to go somewhere different. I have silicon rounds at the moment and I would like to switch to teardrop. Does anyone have teardrop implants on here ? How was the surgery and where did you ? Can anyone recommend overseas surgeons as well as overseas will probably be more affordable... thank
  6. That's strange considering my mum had 2 kids and not a stretch mark in sight ? I just want to know if there is anything that will reduce the redness and the purple. I hear so many people reduce the redness in them with creams and stuff
  7. Hi Ladies, I have hideous stretch marks on my boobs, I have gone through 2 bottles of bio oil trying to get rid of them or just reduce the redness in them but it's not working if anything I have more. Can anyone recommend anything else ? Willing to pay the extra, I just want them gone or at least the redness in them so they aren't so obviously visible.
  8. I waited until 6 weeks when I was allowed to tan over my incisions. I know Donatella recommended panty liners a few times. I use Bondi sands, it's amazing only needs 1 hour to set, it's not sticky or smelly and they have just brought out one that allows to to use in the shower for a gradual tan.
  9. Sure send me a friends request and you should be able to see them in my gallery. 295cc was the biggest I could go, I love them, they suit me really well.
  10. I sometimes think my implants have caused me to have extreme tiredness, never got tired before I had them now I am exhausted tired 24/7
  11. Dr Ali at TCI was really good. She was my surgeon
  12. I'm 164cm 47kg and size 6/8 prior to surgery I was a 10A/B I have 295cc Moderates under the muscle. Today I'm a 10DD
  13. I am 6 months PO. They won't ever feel like REAL boobs but they will feel pretty close. The firmness will go down and they will soften heaps, you will be able to squish them and stuff, they don't stay hard forever. I have forgotten what my old boobs felt like ahaha, my boyfriend says you can't feel the difference
  14. Berlei are like that as well and they hold very firmly into place.
  15. Hi Mumma4girls, I am a TCI patient, currently 6 months post op, my doctor wasn't Dr Tang but I had Dr Ali. Before surgery I had one nipple facing forward and one slightly facing to the side (If that makes sense). I am very happy with my results and I had great experience with TCI.
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